Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI), Subspecialists and Your Patients: Why Partnering with Subspecialized Radiologists Matters

Feb 03, 2017 at 08:46 am by Staff

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When patients are sent for medical imaging, most of the time they don't realize that a radiologist is reading their images. In fact, they often think that their physician is the one doing the reading. Given the trust that your patients are placing in you, it's important that you partner with radiologists who can provide the quality and answers that you and your patients need to guide their care.

Radiology is a complex and ever-changing practice. No radiologist can be an expert in every facet of the field. That's why subspecialization has become even more important in guiding patient care. Subspecialized radiologists increase the quality of patient care because they spend their time reading images of a specific body part. This also allows subspecialized radiologists to read research and literature that applies specifically to their practice, further enhancing their knowledge and skillset, as reported by the Academy of Radiology Leadership and Management. CDI's local radiologists have also had additional training in reading exams for a specific area of the body, helping them to see what generalists may not. All of this leads to earlier intervention, focused attention and a more accurate diagnosis for your patient.

Providers value their partnership with Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI). CDI's subspecialized radiologists have a history of strong, collaborative relationships with our referring providers. They understand that, when it comes to what patients need, there is no one-size fits all, which is why they'll customize protocols to meet your needs. With four centers serving the Orlando community, CDI's radiologists are local and always willing to consult with you on patient cases whenever necessary.

The work of our subspecialized radiologists doesn't go unnoticed--our radiologists are constantly being recognized by their communities for their commitment to their practice and their patients. Just recently, two of our Florida neuroradiologists, Dr. Hayt and Dr. Bove, were recognized as 2016 Top Doctors, as published in Orlando Magazine's Finest Doctors issue. Doctors were selected for this award based upon a highly respected peer review process. While there are plenty of reasons why Dr. Hayt and Dr. Bove were selected as Top Doctors, their subspecialty and expertise in neuroradiology makes them stand out from the competition.

When it comes to your patients, having a subspecialized radiologist can be the difference between a misdiagnosis and a quick, accurate reading that will allow you to help your patient move onto their next step of treatment. With our subspecialized radiologists right here in Florida, we can be your local partner and help deliver the answers you need to guide your patient's care.

To learn more about how you can partner with CDI and our subspecialized radiologists, please call our Senior Account Executive, Deanna Vigliotta, at 407.256.8162.

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