Calling All Physician Leaders -Advocacy Opportunities Await

May 10, 2018 at 05:59 pm by Staff

Fraser Cobbe

Orange County Medical Society

Seminole County Medical Society

The Orange and Seminole County Medical Societies are gearing up to participate in the 2018 Florida Medical Association Annual Meeting House of Delegates later this summer and have volunteer opportunities for physicians who want to make a difference in our community.

Each year our organizations send a delegation of our physician leaders to debate strategic initiatives and chart the course for organized medicine in Florida. Orange County is actually the largest delegation in the House of Delegates and as such, wields significant influence on the debate.

The opportunity to volunteer to serve on the delegation is a terrific way to explore how our organization can transform the delivery of healthcare in our community by leveraging our influence in statewide politics and organized medicine. The OCMS and SCMS Leadership are busy crafting resolutions that we will bring forward to address critically important issues for our members. Notably we anticipate submitting a series of resolutions addressing reimbursement, public health, and needed reforms to the controlled substance legislation passed this year.

If you are interested in serving with your colleagues on the delegation or if you have ideas for resolutions that will enhance the practice of medicine in our community, please contact our Executive Director, Fraser Cobbe,

We welcome all of your ideas and enthusiasm as we build toward the FMA Annual Meeting. The deadline to sign up is May 30th. The deadline for resolutions to be considered by the Board of Directors is May 21st.