Call to Action on Proposed Reform of the E&M Codes

Aug 16, 2018 at 08:40 pm by Staff


Fraser Cobbe

Orange County Medical Society

Seminole County Medical Society

During the recent Florida Medical Association Annual Meeting the FMA House of Delegates voted to oppose the recommendation from Medicare to adjust the number of E&M codes and the reimbursement associated with those office visits. Both the Orange and Seminole County Medical Societies participate in the debate on this issue. The most important message we heard during the debate was that physicians need to be heard on this issue. Now is the time to submit your comments to CMS on these proposed changes.

Below is the message distributed this afternoon by the Florida Medical Association President, Dr. Corey Howard. Also below are links for physicians to become familiar with the proposal and to submit their own comments to CMS on this issue. The comment period is open until September 10th. The time to act is now.

A Call to Action: Physicians Must Respond to CMS

By now, you have no doubt heard about the changes that CMS is proposing for E/M services billed for under Medicare. This proposal would offer a single blended payment rate for level 2 through 5 office and outpatient visits. Such a payment system would not adjust reimbursement to account for patient complexity, even for our sickest and most vulnerable seniors. The proposal would also reduce payment for the least expensive visit or procedure billed for in situations when a modifier-25 is used. Click here to read Dr. Howard's message in its entirety.

Make Your Voice Heard!

Physicians who wish to submit their personal comments to CMS may do so by clicking here and then the green "submit a formal comment" button in the right-hand corner. Remember, the comment period ends September 10th. Act today!