Nurse Discovers Baby She Helped Deliver 23 Years Ago Now Works Beside Her

May 10, 2017 at 07:55 pm by Staff

Florida Hospital is home to many nurses, and two of them have crossed paths in a unique way. Veteran labor and delivery nurse Mary Kay Pozo has aided thousands of moms in the delivery process -- and one of those babies is now her colleague.

"It makes me feel like a mother to her in a way," said Pozo, a veteran labor and delivery nurse. "It's great to see her grown up."

In November 1993, Pozo helped deliver Ashley Gómez. Little did Pozo know that more than two decades later, Gómez would track her down at Florida Hospital for Women, where they are both employed.

"I started looking through my baby book, but it never crossed my mind that she would be right there," said Gómez, who began working as a nurse at Florida Hospital for Women last year.

With the help of other nurses at the hospital, Gómez used one of her newborn photos to identify and meet the nurse who helped her come into the world decades ago.

Pozo said "this is very exciting," noting it's the first time her career something like this has happened. "It's almost like you're a mother, and she's following your footsteps."

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