Encore at Avalon Park Launches Virtual Reality Pilot Program with MyndVR

Jul 19, 2017 at 05:42 pm by Staff

Only at Encore at Avalon Park will seniors be relaxing on a virtual beach. They'll be hearing great music at 1950's styled jazz clubs. They also will be able to play games like Sudoku in a fully immersive, Japanese garden.

And, these experiences will be taken safely from the innovative center.

The assisted living community has been chosen by Dallas-based MyndVR as the third pilot location for its studies on how virtual reality can help improve the lives of seniors and trigger memories with an array of music, nature, art, travel with amazing 360 visual stimulation.

"Our goal for Encore is to provide active lives for our residents without the use of drugs and other debilitating treatments," says Beat Kahli, President & CEO of Avalon Park

Group, owners of Encore at Avalon Park. "Using virtual reality technology to provide incredible experiences is just another step to creating a place where seniors can truly enjoy life."

The use of virtual reality will add to the list of more than a dozen non-pharmacological, therapies used at Encore for seniors to boost health and cognitive stimulation. The residents at Encore can experience new and unique treatments, using horticulture, dolls, music, art and much more. The residents can also have multisensory experiences in the Snoezelen Rooms, a place where all five senses are impacted at once.

The VR pilot project starts on July 12 and will involve 20 residents at Encore at Avalon Park.

During the field pilot, the residents will have time to explore virtual worlds created and curated by MyndVR. The group recently completed successful pilot projects in Texas and Kansas.

"We are extremely passionate about providing seniors with a new genre of recreational and therapeutic experiences, and we are thrilled with the response from senior residents in our early pilots," said Chris Brickler, CEO and co-founder of MyndVR. "This is a very new and promising technology. Our goal is to put smiles on faces, and we are seeing that happen time and time again.

"Encore at Avalon Park has a track record of being one of the more innovative facilities in the country with their use of students, music, art, pets and just about any other creative method of providing a great life to its residents," says Brickler.

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