Lake-Sumter Medical Society Board of Governors Meeting October 3

Sep 30, 2017 at 08:52 pm by Staff

Due to Hurricane Irma's shenanigans, the semi-monthly Board of Governors meeting was jostled around and is now set for Tuesday, October 3rd.

The meetings are open to all interested physicians. Please contact the LSMS office for call-in details as this meeting is a phone conference. The Board of Governors is looking for trailblazers, original thinkers, and advocates for the business of medicine. If you are interested in a leadership position please contact any Board member or click here!

Board members are: Wendy Lavezzi, MD - President; Sheyla Zelaya, MD - Secretary/Treasurer; Erneso Zavaleta, MD; Shelley Glover, MD; Sam Goss, MD; Stacy Berckes, MD; Jason Boardman, MD

Sections: Grand Rounds