Ponte Health Pleas for Baby Food Puerto Rico

Oct 02, 2017 at 03:01 pm by Staff

Victoria is a blessing, and largely the inspiration that founded Ponte Health; our mission at the firm is To Help Expand the Healing Community.

Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands have suffered immeasurable damage through this storm season, and Victoria and Myself, My Firm -Ponte Health, My Family, and Partner Physicians and Organizations feel it is imperative we help babies and small children with the most basic necessity: Food.

Babies are some of the most vulnerable victims in any disaster, natural or man-made. I want you to seriously consider the following:

(a) Babies need to eat on a regular schedule, sometimes quickly (2-3 hours)

(b) Not all babies can take breastfeeding

(c) Mothers cannot breastfeed if under-hydrated

(d) Ponding waters will propagate infectious disease and bacteria, and breastfed babies can fall victim via lactation

Please help us help them by clicking here!

Ponte Health has requested a quote from a Private Plane Charter flight into PR this coming week, single day -in and out, solely to deliver Baby Formula, Baby Food, and Powder Milk. We get to carry 1,600 lbs of it into the island, but at a cost: $35,000 just for the flight (crew and gas) arriving in PR on October 4 around midday.

We need your help to cover the flight and help expand our effort to reach as many babies as we can!!

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