Osceola Regional Medical Center Adds Advanced CT Scanner

Aug 07, 2018 at 11:20 pm by Staff


The First Diagnostic Imaging Technology of Its Kind in Central Florida.
Cardiac, emergency, trauma, stroke and pediatric care at Osceola Regional Medical Center just became more efficient with the latest imaging technology of its kind in Central Florida. With the recent addition of the sophisticated GE Revolution 80mm, 256-slice CT scanner, the hospital can now provide faster than ever, more comprehensive diagnoses in a single imaging exam. Osceola Regional is the first hospital in Central Florida to implement this new technology.
The 256-slice scanner allows physicians to scan entire organs such as the heart, brain, liver and pancreas in a single 0.28-second rotation. For cardiac patients, this allows a virtual, non-invasive diagnostic catheterization procedure in less than a 2-second acquisition time. Patients who previously would have needed to undergo several tests over multiple days are now able to be diagnosed after a single scan, allowing them to move toward recovery more quickly. The scanner can perform:
  • Cardiac exams in a single heartbeat
  • Whole brain imaging in less than a second
  • Low dose, whole organ diagnosis and follow-up for cancer patients
  • Detailed bone imaging, even for patients with metal implants
  • Low-dose scans for pediatric patients
  • Less administration of contrast
With a Certified Level II Trauma Center, Comprehensive Stroke Center, Pediatric ER, Pediatric Unit and ICU, in addition to the Heart and Vascular Institute, Osceola Regional will continue to provide advanced non-invasive technology to patients in the region, in particular to patients who may be at risk for invasive diagnostic procedures.
"The addition of the 256-slice CT allows our medical team to offer an elevated level of care to Osceola County," said Tejal Patel, MD, Medical Staff Department of Radiology Chairperson. "With the opportunity to receive quicker diagnoses, patients can get a head start on their road to recovery."

In addition to providing faster imaging, CT scanner offers quieter scanning, soft ambient lighting and a larger opening to accommodate patients.
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