Seni Expands into Florida

May 15, 2019 at 11:03 am by Staff


The population of people with bladder control problems is growing every year as we live longer. The variety of incontinence products can be overwhelming and if you never had to use incontinence products you may not see a difference at first glance. Physicians recommending incontinence products to their patients may also have difficulty with so many brands, sizes, shapes, and absorbency levels to choose from. As we age, our skin thins and so for the elderly especially, choosing the right product is key in minimizing risks such as infection and decubitus sores.

So how can you advise which product improves the patient's life the best?

Here are some product features that can help ease conditions associated with incontinence and are not common for all products on the US market today. These features really make a difference for quality of life.

  • Breathability. Breathable (vapor permeable) incontinence products will help the skin breathe easily thus improving its condition for healthier skin. Breathable products help the skin to not sweat as much, stay drier, and will be less prone to irritation. This is especially important in Florida with summertime hot and humid days. Such laminate is also softer, much more discreet, and has a greater chance of users having a more peaceful, uninterrupted night of sleep. The bigger the surface of breathable zones, the better for the skin.

  • NAFC (National Association for Continence) requires manufacturers to provide breathability at least on the side "wings" and discourages using products with a plastic outer layer "because it negatively impacts the skin health, contributes to trapped heat and perspiration and thus skin breakdown, contributes to the growth in odor-causing bacteria, is noisy and uncomfortable, and generally serves no useful benefit over high quality disposable absorbents".

There is common thinking that breathable products do not contain urine odor, but it is simply a myth. Odor control is related to the quality of absorbent materials used and is not related to the type of outer layer.

Physicians seeing patients with skin irritation, such as IAD (Incontinence Associated Dermatitis) should recommend breathable products.

  • Standing gathers. Also called leakage barriers or leak guards. Surprisingly, there are still some products without this feature, which is one of the best protectors against side leakages. Side gathers have the biggest importance when the leakages are abundant, even if not so often. Lack of standing gathers is the reason why people experience embarrassing situations or need to change their underpads or bedding frequently. Recommending products with standing gathers is key in helping patients avoid awkward situations while saving time and money.

  • Softness. Briefs, underwear, or pads when put on the body are touching it directly. Remember, incontinence products are replacing regular underwear and so they should be soft and gentle not to irritate the sensitive skin of intimate areas. Also, skin in elderly people is thinner and more prone to abrasion so every contact with rough materials may break its structure. Recommending soft non-woven products provides for patient comfort.

  • Seni high quality, premium incontinence products are available in over 80 countries around the world. We have now expanded into the US market and directly into Florida with Seni representation. We offer premium quality products and our goal is to make the lives of dependent people and their caregivers easier.

Seni incontinence products are 100% breathable, have standing gathers, are super absorbent to fight urine odor, are soft and comfortable, and highly effective. For more information regarding Seni products, please contact local Seni representative Deanna Vigliotta at or visit us online at

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