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Sep 09, 2014 at 01:39 pm by Staff

As a seasoned veteran in the Real Estate Industry, I am consulted frequently when life guides people through significant changes. Life changes include happy times such as marriage, births, and graduations, even relocation and promotions! We often work with first time home buyers; move up home buyers, and luxury home buyers. All of these types of home purchases involve helping the new homeowner coordinate everything necessary to ensure a smooth transition. Everyone experiences the happy times in life when buying a home is part of life’s change of seasons.

We also help coordinate major life events in respect to real estate events when life makes other seasonal changes too. Such events can include the loss of a spouse, parent, or family member, or a home sale due to imminent foreclosure or the need to short sale due to illness or other distress. Other life events may also include selling a home and moving into an assisted living facility due to age and mobility concerns.

When do you know when it’s time to help a friend, family member, client or neighbor take that next step? Choosing to move to an assisted living facility takes careful consideration. The following checklist can help determine if the time is right.

Is maintaining a home and yard difficult?

It is hard to keep up with housekeeping and laundry?

Are you living in only a small portion of your home?

Do you find yourself eating and cooking less?

Do you worry that you are taking your medications correctly?

Do you worry about driving?

Are you worried about being alone?

Are you worried about what would happen in an emergency?

Do you find you see people less?

Do you worry that you are a burden on your family or others?

If the answers to these questions are “yes”, then it might be time to consider assisted care facilities and selling your homestead. We have many assisted care facilities we can recommend. When you are ready, we’ll help coordinate your home sale as well, so you have less to worry about, care for and maintain. You’ll get help and guidance throughout the whole process.

Only you know when the time is right. When you are ready, call me and we’ll discuss your options. I’m not just a Realtor®. I’m here to help you navigate through all of the real estate decisions you must make (or help others to make) in their lifetime. I’m here to help determine if now is the time for you (or a loved one) to take the next step.

Karen D. Arlick, PA, is a 14 year veteran in the real estate industry.  She has lived in Central Florida 32+ years.  Karen is a member of the Citrus Club, ORRA, FAR, NAR, and is currently studying for her real estate Brokers License.  She can be reached at Karen@KarenArlick.com  or visit www.MyFlaLifestyle.com.

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