Changing Trends in Medicine

May 01, 2015 at 03:30 pm by Staff

During the American Association of Physician Specialists, Inc.’s (AAPS) 2015 House of Delegates and Annual Scientific Meeting June 26-July 1 at the Hilton Clearwater Beach in Clearwater Beach, a very special guest will keynote the June 27 President’s Awards Dinner: Richard Lavely, MD, JD, MS, MPH, president of the Dr. Tom Dooley Foundation, an organization that provides medical supplies and training to hospitals and medical doctors in African countries.
According to Lavely, the recent Ebola epidemic’s death toll stands at 9,000 victims, with a projected total of 17,000. In his presentation, Lavely plans to share how the foundation has played an unprecedented role in curtailing and fighting the recent Ebola outbreak, and also highlight the progressive medical and leadership insights involving indigenous African healthcare and public world health.
Lavely’s insight is unique to the industry; his career has been multi-faceted. After earning an undergraduate degree in math from the University of Notre Dame, he earned a medical degree from the University of Michigan. In the middle of his emergency medicine career, he earned a law degree from the University of Connecticut, and completed business school at Harvard University’s OPM entrepreneurial program while also studying graduate-level public health at Yale University.
Lavely continued to practice emergency medicine, eventually at five emergency departments in three states, while also practicing healthcare law. A Louisville, Ky., native, he has served as commissioner of the Connecticut Medicolegal Investigations Commission, senior vice president of, and managing director of Fairhaven Association. He’s the fourth president of the Dr. Tom Dooley Foundation, established in 1973 to fulfill the vision of Dooley (1927-1961) to provide medical care to the impoverished population of third-world countries. Norman M. Baker of the U.S. Navy described the foundation’s mission as people committed to helping those “who ain’t got it so good.”

Agenda Items
The overall meeting objectives of the AAPS's House of Delegates & Annual Scientific Meeting:

  • Provide physician specialists with up-to-date information related to Changing Trends in Medicine through continuing medical education (CME);
  • Plan and conduct business that will further strengthen the mission of AAPS, its affiliated Academies of Medicine and its Boards of Certification;
  • Provide a forum to discuss developing and emerging issues in medical specialties; and
  • Encourage collegial relations that enable individual members to pursue their professional goals’ participation in the association’s activities.

“Our 2015 House of Delegates & Annual Scientific Meeting in Clearwater is an opportunity for fellow Diplomates, members and other healthcare professionals to discuss up-to-date information on physician board certification and changing trends in medicine,” said AAPS President Ken Flowe, MD, FAAEP, MBA.
AAPS is headquartered in Tampa and governs the American Board of Physician Specialties (ABPS), one of three nationally recognized multi-specialty organizations.

For more information on the event, contact AAPS at (813) 433-2277.

New Board Certification Programs
Also a conversation-starter at the American Association of Physician Specialists (AAPS) annual meeting: new board certification programs. Prompted by physician and public demand, AAPS plans to unveil a board certification program for physicians who have leadership posts or are seeking CEO posts. Eligibility requirements to be board-certified in administrative medicine will be revealed this month.
Last November, the American Board of Physician Specialties (ABPS) – the third largest national organization certifying MDs and DOs – became the first multi-specialty certifying body to offer physicians board certification in integrative medicine. By mid-February, 121 integrative medicine physicians had attained board certification in the field as a result of successfully completing the initial board examinations, which emphasizes psychometrically evaluated testing and advanced testing, and also moral character and experience.
“These integrative medicine board-certified physicians are able to present themselves as doctors who incorporate the concepts of disease management, health promotion, illness prevention and healthy lifestyle into their medical practices,” said American Board of Integrative Medicine (ABOIM) Chair Randy Horwitz, MD, PhD.


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