PONTE HEALTH and Client Award MMG Contract to Mulligan Constructors

Nov 06, 2019 at 12:49 am by pj

After two years in the design process and in entering the permitting process, PONTE HEALTH along with its client have awarded the construction of what the firm calls MMG, a new 26,000 boutique medical office building and urgent care, to Mulligan Constructors.

Mulligan Constructors, led by Jason Mulligan, is an Orlando based company.

PONTE HEALTH firm which has led MMG as an extension developer to a local emergency physician, is expecting the financing process to go smoothly since it will be a physician owned and operated facility, and that permits for construction may be in place for a start late in the first quarter.

The client to lead and practice in the facility, who is actually the first PONTE HEALTH having retained the firm started on the project shortly after the firm’s founding, has also announced a potential additional 3 locations to come that will be developed by the firm.