Local Entrepreneur Releases Her First Best Selling Book

Nov 12, 2019 at 12:50 am by pj

Di-Anne Elise founder of Media Resources Enterprise, a business communication consultant in the areas of marketing, business development, public relations and an author, has contributed in a book with other authors that has reached the bestselling list status on Amazon. Di-Anne’s has joined other authors in contributing, sharing insights and inspiring other people to seek to live beyond purpose with the bestselling book “Living Beyond Purpose”.  Di-Anne and the contributing authors wrote this book in hopes that other people, would find something to take away. Something that would inspire others to seek to live beyond purpose. To understand that what we are going through does not define us but can undoubtedly refine us. Sometimes it’s easy to feel like life has no purpose. Other times we can live without being fulfilled, regardless of how much we accomplish. There is a reason why and a solution to fill the void.

Di-Anne has been a contributor in the medical field by revolutionizing marketing at its best. With her passion for branding and purpose, she has helped not only hospital medical groups but also health professionals educate the public in order to get a better understanding on how they could improve their patients’ lives. Di-Anne has been able to impact the medical community by providing business communication and marketing creative services in order to inform and make a difference in the medical health community.

Join Di-Anne Elise and other contributing authors along with Best Selling Author Mike Rodriguez, as they share how you were created with precision, purpose, and your own unique talents. We were also given the ability to know, act on, and use those talents to become great and strong in your own way, for God's purpose.

To contact Di-Anne Elise email her at info@dianneelise

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