Clean Beauty Influencer Emerges in Central Florida

Jan 02, 2020 at 03:30 pm by pj

Central Florida Pharmacist, mother and clean beauty advocate - Dr. Sejal Patel, has launched a new beauty platform – DR. SEJAL BEAUTY. The launch coincides with 2020 New Year's Resolutions - one of the most popular is "going clean" with your beauty products.


This scientific data-driven platform is available at It is a free resource providing a steady flow of critically evaluated and evidence-based information on clean beauty products - and an easy to follow program for those looking to upgrade their beauty regimen.


To further promote adoption of clean, simple, and sustainable beauty, "for you, your family and the environment," Dr. Patel volunteers her time to offer a variety of community outreach programs and initiatives. “The clean beauty concept embraces human-made and natural ingredients, putting the focus on safety while preserving efficacy.


The Dr. Sejal Beauty platform is designed to promote all aspects of clean beauty and offer consumers an easy to follow program to upgrade their beauty routine.” Dr. Sejal Patel, creator of DR. SEJAL BEAUTY


Dr. Sejal Beauty is driven by the passion of Dr. Sejal Patel who was inspired by her two-year-old daughter's skin condition to dive deep into the world of clean, simple, and sustainable beauty. Leveraging her training as a pharmacist on the Dr. Sejal Beauty website, Dr. Patel offers viewers a collection of essential and free resources to help them make the best possible decisions when it comes to beauty products.

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