PONTE HEALTH Announces Development and Launch of Biennist -a Social Wellness Platform

Mar 26, 2020 at 07:40 pm by pj


 Ponte Health Technologies, LLC, a subsidiary of Ponte Health Global Corp., has announced the development and upcoming launch of Biennist, a new Social Wellness platform.


In a public statement made earlier today, Ponte Health requested that the public “Join (them) on our mission to promote social wellness.”

Further they stated “During times like these we need to stay connected and support each other on our journey to a better self. Ponte Health is currently building “www.biennist.com”, a social wellness platform to support (their) belief that healthcare should be built on maintaining physical and mental health and not managing sickness.”


If interested, you can visit www.biennist.com to start your journey to social wellness with Ponte Health, and receive notifications for:

  • Platform Development Updates
  • Health/Wellness Tips
  • Inspiration/Motivation Tips
  • State of Healthcare News


Tags in their statement included :

“ #socialwellness > #socialdistancing “


Biennist is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram simply as : Biennist, and the development team can be reached at : hello@biennist.com.


Ponte Health is locally best known as developer of the upcoming Vertical Medical City, in downtown Orlando, an Advanced Infrastructure Development for Aging-in-Place to be located at 1000 N Orange Avenue, with a projected opening of 2023 as of late, and other technology integrations including AI, Deep Learning and Neural Networks.


More about the company online : www.PonteHealth.com