Lake-Sumter Medical Society Open Letter Urges Commissioners and Legislators to Strengthen Guidelines for Social Distancing

Apr 08, 2020 at 10:59 pm by pj

  April 7, 2020 

The Lake County Board of County Commissioners 

315 West Main Street, Suite 335 

Tavares, FL  32778 


District 1 - Timothy I. Sullivan 

District 2 - Sean Parks 

District 3 - Wendy Breeden 

District 4 - Leslie Campione 

District 5 - Josh Blake 


Dear Commissioners: 


The Lake-Sumter Medical Society is a membership organization of physicians.  We are an alliance that provides collaboration, education and support to physicians in Lake and Sumter Counties which includes The Villages.   

As a collective group of physicians in the forefront of this health crisis, we are taking exception and a stand, uniting with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), that all citizens should wear masks and that social distancing should include all gatherings, regardless of the purpose.  That includes churches, synagogues and other places of worship.  

We are asking you as civic leaders, to take a stand with us.  Demonstrate the importance of staying safe by wearing masks yourselves, and promote the dire consequences of not being personally responsible for ones’ safety and that of others. And stand firm on social distancing, issuing a mandate which includes ANY gatherings.   

By supporting the simple act of wearing masks, we will keep our citizens safe from the COVID-19, ensure that our hospitals not become overwhelmed with infected patients, prohibit the spread of the virus, protect those of us providing medical care, and save lives. As health professionals, we recognize the incredible importance of wearing masks and physically keeping apart. Further, we know that this will ensure the personal safety of our peers in the medical field.  

Please, as leaders, show that you understand and support your doctorsnurses and other essential healthcare staff. Initiate a “Wear a Mask!” campaign and augment the “Stay at Home” message to include ALL gatherings.  


Please don’t let your doctors and nurses down at this critical time. 



Sheyla Zelaya Aragon, MD  

President, Lake-Sumter Medical Society 

Quality Physician Group 

Leesburg, Florida