Orlando Health Creates Socially Smart Guides as Florida Reopens

May 29, 2020 at 08:20 pm by pj


The new website is the second wave of resources created by the health system to help Central Florida reopen safely


Orlando Health has created a community resource to help individuals and families stay safe while easing back into dining out, going to the beach, and visiting parents and friends as Central Florida reopens.


The resource is a website called Socially Smart and provides detailed information and instructions on managing the risk of COVID-19, self-screening, proper masking, proper handwashing, surface cleaning and basic background information on what the virus is. The guides are designed to help families and caregivers maintain a healthy environment and minimize risks while resuming activities like shopping and even traveling.


“It’s important to have tools available that people can use to keep themselves and their loved ones safe as we slowly resume day-to-day activities,” said George Ralls, MD, Chief Quality Officer of Orlando Health. “If individuals take personal responsibility for their health and safety, while also considering those same things for others, we can better prevent the spread of the virus moving forward and keep our community healthy.”


In addition to tools that help guide individuals on practical safety and hygiene habits, the website also offers a variety of resources to help with managing the mental and emotional strains related to COVID-19 such as increased isolation due to quarantine, stress, anxiety and depression. As more families and individuals are faced with added stressors, Orlando Health physicians warn that there is an increased potential for a rise in child abuse and neglect cases.


“Parents, caregivers and their families are having to come to terms with a new normal that adds significant stress,” said Don Plumley, MD, Medical Director of Pediatric Trauma at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. “One of the goals of this resource is to remind parents and caregivers that they aren’t going through this experience alone and to help them better manage these added stressors moving forward. By doing that, we can lessen opportunities for abuse.”


The content is all housed on one website and can be accessed for free at OrlandoHealth.com/SociallySmart