International Center for Addiction and Recovery Education (ICARE) and R1 Learning Tackle Addiction in the Workplace

Dec 01, 2020 at 05:10 pm by pj


Orlando –  The International Center for Addiction and Recovery Education (ICARE) and R1 Learning have teamed up to help eradicate substance misuse and addiction issues in the workplace and at home.  ICARE’s enhanced training and professional development programs incorporate change management principles from R1 Learning into the recovery process to help employees and others struggling with addiction to realize their full potential free from addiction.

Since 2014, the International Association for Professional Recovery Coaches (IAPRC), a division of ICARE, has been addressing addiction recovery at the individual level by training and certifying recovery coaches all over the world.  Earlier this year, fueled by the staggering rise of addiction brought on from the pandemic, ICARE sought to bring its programs to the workforce. These advanced corporate programs are designed to help individuals build the skills needed for change in recovery and provide a roadmap for successful and sustainable recovery outcomes.     

“R1 Learning has mastered the psychology of change and has created an incredibly powerful family of processes and tools to educate coaches and those in recovery to build the skills needed to be successful,” said Dr. Jean LaCour, Founder of ICARE.  “We are honored to be aligned with such a high integrity organization who shares our passion for helping people in recovery live their best lives.” 

ICARE’s advanced program incorporates R1 Learning’s “5 Stages of Change” to educate and support managers and supervisors to spot and guide employees to Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and other resources for help. The program also engages, educates, and empowers employees to learn more about substance use and mental health and self-direct themselves to coaching resources, to EAPs, or other treatment options.  The new curriculum training module is also designed for recovery coaches to use when working with individual clients.

“I love Dr. LaCour’s passion, experience, depth of knowledge and her impact on the recovery industry,” said R1 Learning Founder, Tom Karl. “We are incredibly excited about our partnership with ICARE and look forward to serving this mission together.”


International Center for Addiction and Recovery Education (ICARE)

The International Center for Addiction & Recovery Education (ICARE) is a Center of Excellence for bringing together people and processes to overcome the unprecedented societal challenges of addiction. The culmination of 25+ years of work in the field of recovery and addiction, ICARE is deeply rooted in the principles of Resilience and Emotional Sobriety. ICARE is committed to raising the awareness of addiction in our culture and helping individuals live their best lives, free from problematic behaviors and past stigma. 

ICARE was founded in 2020 during COVID 19 as a response to the surge in substance misuse occurring during this devastating time in history. The brainchild of Dr. Jean LaCour, ICARE is the parent organization to a trio of affiliated divisions including: NET Training Institute (NTI), the International Association for Professional Recovery Coaches (IAPRC), and Strategic Sobriety Workforce Solutions. Together these three entities provide credentialed training programs to solve the growing global problem of addiction in individuals, families, communities, and the workforce.  For information visit