Webinar: The “New Normal” for Managing Medical Office Space

Jan 24, 2021 at 01:28 pm by pj

While the CDC and other governmental and trade groups have issued wide-ranging guidance on “reopening” medical office space in light of COVID, the realities are that these spaces never truly closed, and furthermore, it would be nearly impossible to abide by all of the standards that have been published. This session instead focuses on what hospitals and other MOB operators are actually doing from a facilities perspective to manage medical office space to reduce the risk of liability.

Attendees will:

- Learn about industry trends and best practices for operating medical office facilities in light of COVID

- Hear tips on reducing liability for COVID-related legal challenges that may be brought by patients and other users of medical space

- Have an open forum to discuss experiences managing medical office space with similarly situated individuals navigating this complex issue


Time: January 27, 2021,  1:00 PM 


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