Totally at Home in Florida

Mar 01, 2021 at 01:01 am by pj

 Adam Parker, DO – Medical Director, Trinity Medical Group


Adam Parker, DO, has always been interested in helping and healing people. Growing up around a family friend who was a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) helped him see a model physician in-action and when a motor vehicle accident gave him perspective as a patient, he was even more interested in becoming a doctor. But, of importance, he knew that he wanted his efforts and impact to be felt nearby: at home in Florida. Medicine hooked him as a career path and Florida helped him establish a career.

Today, as a board-certified physician in Florida and the Medical Director of Trinity Medical Group, Parker has a deep affection for the Sunshine State. He is a Lakeland native and a graduate of the University of Florida. Though he earned his medical degree from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, he eventually found his way home to complete his residency in Orlando at Florida Hospital East. Dr. Parker’s close ties to Florida has driven a devotion to the preservation of the area’s local healthcare. 


Treating the Whole Person

In terms of specialty, Parker originally pursued osteopathic medicine as a mechanism to serve his patients, but that choice has also ended up serving him well personally. The license offers the comprehensive four-year medical-school training of an MD coupled with the additional skill of osteopathic manipulative medicine and techniques. These techniques have been shown to improve treatment results when used in conjunction with traditional surgery and prescriptions. “I knew that the training to become an osteopath would be extra work, but also of tremendous value to my patients,” he said. “Being trained in manipulation is something that has helped me be well-rounded in my craft and serve our area more holistically.”

Lifelong learning has also been an important part of Parker’s path. In addition to being a member of the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) and the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), he has relationships with local hospitals, Lakeland Regional and Bartow Regional Hospitals. Working with multiple teams in a variety of settings has helped him sharpen his skills, better understand the needs of his community and continually grow as a physician.


Practicing at Home Base 

At Trinity, Parker has a role to play in fostering a strong sense of culture and collaboration amongst his teams. In addition to overseeing the care provided by the practice and broadly leading team members, he is responsible for treating patients and generating continuity in their care. This helps patients feel a sense of consistency no matter what provider or team member is treating them, and regardless of the Trinity location they visit.


Generating a support network, atmosphere rooted in ongoing education and bold spirit of collaboration has helped build the sense of stability and community for which Trinity is known, both internally and externally in Central Florida. Building and maintaining community is critical for any medical practice, since the doctor-patient relationship is founded upon integrity, trust, and honesty. Parker maintains a responsibility to preserve that in his work, each and every day, and help colleagues do the same.


The Critical Nature of Managed Care Medicine

Managed care medicine is another aspect for which Parker is passionate and what makes his locally-driven care effective. Clinics, like Trinity, that practice this variety of healthcare enable patient-centric care and the “VIP” treatment, which allows them to spend more time with patients and focus on the quality of the care provided rather than the quantity of patients who come through a center’s doors. This idea coupled with the national support of Trinity’s practice management partner, InnovaCare Partners, has helped make the concept a reality. “We hone in on each of the individuals we see and often take more of their care in-house than refer them to specialists,” he said. “This results in both convenience and cost savings for our patients, a win-win.”


Ultimately, Parker and his teammates know that the success or failure of their work comes down to the patient experience, and that’s something upon which he has a profound impact at the local level. Patients travel to central Florida from other parts of the state just to receive the customized, personalized care from the hometown doctors they know and trust, like Parker. “I love being able to help people and educate patients about the intricacies of their health. The deal is sweetened knowing that these people are my friends, my neighbors, the people I see at the gym, my bank tellers, my family,” he said.  “I have the best job on the planet because I have the ability to help my fellow community members when they’re truly in need. That’s tremendously rewarding.”

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