EOCC: Taking a Leap Forward to Full Blown Employee Benefits for Members 

Mar 25, 2021 at 01:12 am by pj


By DOROTHY HARDEE, Chamber Administrator  


The mission of a Chamber of Commerce is to further the interests of businesses with two primary functions.  The first is to act as a spokesperson for the business and professional community, translating the group thinking of its members into action.  Secondly it renders a specific product or services type that can most effectively be beneficial by a community or organization and its members.  For seventy-five years the East Orlando Chamber of Commerce (EOCC), with its dedicated stakeholders has worked diligently to further the interests of the business community throughout East Orange County.   


Several years ago, we announced the Health Benefits program offering three packages at our group rates.  EOCC members and their employees could enjoy the options of MDLive Telehealth, Allstate Accident, Allstate Cancer & 23 Specified Diseases plan, as well as the WellCard saving money on prescriptions, dental, vision and more.  These plans allowed a small business to offer an option of care to their full time, part time and 1099 employees without the liability with finance, payroll, or administration.   


In 2019 we took it one step further with the introduction of our Direct Primary Care program offering unlimited direct primary care, telehealth, and chronic disease management for $77 a month.   This was an incredible addition helping our small business members attract and retain talent with this health benefits option at their fingertips.   


In the unprecedented times brought about by a world-wide pandemic we realized the important role employee benefits play to an organization and to all our individual members.  Constantly striving to add more value to membership, we sought to provide a resource of value to our members through providing a bonified employee benefits package, while also offering an educational resource for all our members. 


Through these actions we have instituted a full-blown employee benefits offering that any employee of one of our member companies can enroll in this coverage offering on a 100 percent voluntary basis.  Our member companies can offer this coverage to their employees through a 100 percent voluntary basis while the company has no financial, service, or administrative responsibilities or liabilities.   

Employers also can offer these coverage offerings on a more traditional employer platform being payroll deducted if they so desire and they may also contribute a portion or all the premium.  Employers also can custom design a traditional employer benefits package designed specifically for their unique culture, demographics, and needs. 


EOCC is extremely proud to work with our partner Joe Filice at Avalon Insurance Services to offer the greatest value to your membership, providing employee health benefits and educational resources.   Joe said, “These are unprecedent times and the EOCC is performing industry leading actions to continually meet and exceed the value of your membership.”  The current plan will allow Chamber Members and their employees to take advantage of these great options:  

*EOCC Health Benefits being offered: Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Accident, Critical Illness, Cancer, Hospital and Telehealth. 

*Customizable Employee Benefit Package Offerings: EOCC is offering employee benefits plans similar to what a traditional employer would offer and gives the member the opportunity to purchase what coverages offered best meet their unique personal and family needs. 

*Ease of enrollment: members can utilize a benefit administration system through an assigned website where all information regarding the benefits offered, plan designs and rates will be housed.  On this benefit administration system, the member can research all benefits offered and enroll.   

*Educational Resource:  The benefit administration system combined with the call center and the Services from Avalon Insurance Services and the Meehan Agency will be a resource for employee benefits surpassed by no other chamber in our area.  Members will now have the ability and resource to learn more about employee benefits and how they best meet their unique needs. 

*Industry Leading Service:  members will have all benefit offering information available on the online benefit administration system and will also have a call center designed specifically for their plans.  Members will have the options to go online or talk directly with a service representative assigned specifically for their group. 

The Federal Government Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that while 88 percent of employers with more than 500 employees provide company health plans, only 55 percent of small business comprised of less than 100 employees, do the same.  Some small business owners and entrepreneurs might feel most health insurance options are simply out of reach.  We have a plan for you.  


 The East Orlando Chamber is here to help with unique offerings to help elevate your businesses visibility and connect you with others helping your business thrive.  Our upcoming Healthcare Collaborative, March 11th will address Healthcare Legislation for 2021 that may impact local practices and businesses.  Guest panelists, Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith and Representative Geraldine Thompson will discuss the current legislation with Eric Gray, Executive Director of the Christian Service Center for Central Florida.   


We have an exciting lineup for 2021 including our OPTIC – Orlando Professional Technical Innovation Council is virtual March 12th from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM focusing on Teleworking | Tele-Managing: Inspiring Employees, and Offering Leadership at a Distance presented in partnership with Full Sail University.   Avani Desai, President of Schellman & Co. will moderate this Virtual discussion with panelists Luz Hernandez, CPA Chief Accounting Officer with LSQ; Steve Stallard, Chief Privacy Officer with Orlando Health and Heather Jones, Director of Human Resources for PowerDMS, Inc.    


For more information or to register call (407) 277-5951 or visit our website at eocc.org.  The East Orlando Chamber of Commerce everywhere East of I-4.   


Dorothy Hardee is the administrator of the East Orlando Chamber of Commerce.




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