Orlando Health Awards Funding to DOH-Seminole to Expand Diabetes and Mobile Health Services

Mar 25, 2021 at 05:59 pm by pj

Front left to right: Ana Scuteri, Monica Anderson from Orlando Health, Emily Haller and Donna Walsh. Back left to right: Stephanie Lopez from Orlando Health and Kelly Welch.

The Florida Department of Health in Seminole County (DOH-Seminole) was recently awarded $75,000 through the Orlando Health Community Grants Program. These funds are for one year and will allow the expansion of the Diabetes Programs and Community Integrated Mobile Health Services in the community.

“We are honored to be a recipient of the Orlando Health Community Grants funding. Enhancing the Diabetes Programs and Mobile Health Services will improve access to information, screening and enrollment for individuals that are at great risk for health disparities,” said Donna Walsh, health officer for the Florida Department of Health in Seminole County.

“Providing individuals with information and resources to better understand their health is an important step to ensuring that we have healthier communities,” said Monica Anderson, Orlando Health corporate director, community benefit. “Numerous individuals throughout Seminole County who are impacted by prediabetes or diabetes will be equipped with the knowledge to recognize where they can make better choices as it relates to their health which will only benefit them in the long run.”

DOH-Seminole currently offers the Diabetes Prevention Program, a lifestyle change program for people with or at high risk for developing prediabetes and Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) for those who have been diagnosed with diabetes. The $50,000 funding from Orlando Health will enable the addition of Spanish-speaking staff to the diabetes team and deliver the programs in Spanish. Early detection, diagnosis and management of prediabetes and diabetes, along with the needed health education, will empower people to improve their lifestyle habits, self-care behaviors, and thereby health outcomes; as well as reducing healthcare costs.

The Community Integrated Mobile Health Services (CIMHS) program provides community-based health screening, testing, education and referrals to populations with limited access to health care in Seminole County. Orlando Health’s $25,000 funding will allow CIMHS to expand the scope of current services and deploy a wide array of screening and supportive services to lower socio-economic communities where residents traditionally avoid seeking healthcare due to lack of transportation, paid time off from work or other financial barriers.

To learn more about the Diabetes Programs and the Community Integrated Mobile Health Services visit http://seminole.floridahealth.gov.



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