PONTE HEALTH Launches Medical Suites Real Estate Development Fund, to Deploy Next Generation MOBs

Apr 22, 2021 at 01:18 am by pj

Architectural Rendering By Ponte Health, P.A.

PONTE HEALTH recently launched a first Medical Suites Real Estate Development Fund, to deploy at least Four (4) new Class A, Net Zero Carbon, Intuitive by Technology integration, next generation Medical Office Buildings (MOBs). 

Assets developed by the Fund will total approximately 90,000 squared feet of medical office and outpatient surgical suites construction, in prime locations preselected in South Orlando and vicinity. Fund is targeting a 15% IRR and multiple of investment of 1.9-2.0 in 4 years.

Ponte, Founder and CEO of the firm, was recently featured with the Fund by The CEO Magazine and CNBC Arabia, during an exclusive Investment Summit that took place in Dubai with royal Families from the GCC Region. The Fund and the firm have also been invited to bring the opportunity to Monaco during the summer. PONTE HEALTH seems to be gaining global momentum with its forward-thinking ideas and compelling projects, in addition to its very strong core development team and consulting partners.

“We did not need COVID-19 to tell us that this is the future of Healthcare Facilities. Intuitive integrations and more sustainable systems and materials are a no brainer. Our entire company was founded on these premises five years ago, in 2016.” said Ponte.

PONTE HEALTH is really at the forefront of an evolution in the development of care and wellness focused, technology-integrated health real estate, in the Florida market. The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly demonstrated that the market needs better and smarter buildings which become a part of the healthcare team for patients and physicians, while also contribute to our climate goals and the environment. 

PONTE HEALTH Medical Suites are the response by the firm to these needs, including the decentralization of healthcare into more highly specialized and less institutionalized medical care and outpatient acute intervention facilities. MOBs with much more thoughtful patient-focused spaces, data-driven and predictive technologies to help the attending physician’s practice and workflow, and better design and construction with health promoting materials and systems.

“This is in part why I joined Ponte Health” said Bob Szafranski, Director of Construction, “to build better buildings” he added. 

Bob Szafranski was the Corporate Manager of Facility Development for Orlando Health in his prior role.

For more information about the Fund and any other investment opportunities with PONTE HEALTH, please reach out to Jason Reynolds via jar@pontehealth.com