Two Mothers and a Baby, and More on the Way with Brown Fertility

Jun 04, 2021 at 11:40 am by pj


 After their first successful pregnancy, Kim and Barbara Wilson are trying again with Brown Fertility, and alternating as carriers 



Kim and Barbara Wilson enjoyed getting pregnant through Brown Fertility so much the first time around, they are doing it again. Kim carried their first baby Brooklyn. Barbara is to carry the next pregnancy, with an embryo transfer scheduled for later this month. 

According to this Orlando same-sex couple, their “textbook pregnancy” was perfect, without any complications. “Brown Fertility is our home, we never looked back,” said Kim Wilson, who carried their first pregnancy with baby Brooklyn, who is now 20 months old. 

After first meeting Brown Fertility’s physician Rafael Cabrera, they both “knew instantly he was the one and really felt listened to by the staff. From the receptionist to managers and nurses, it all felt so personal and like family.” 

Self-admitted planners, the couple did a lot of research before finding Dr. Cabrera and Brown Fertility. “We didn’t want to be discriminated against, said Barbara. Brooklyn’s moms found their treatment center through a google search for “LGBTQ friendly fertility clinic.”  

“All of our patients are unique, but there is something very special about Kim and Barbara,” said Dr. Cabrera. “From the first time they walked into our office, these funny, easy-going yet determined patients were going to do whatever it took to be great parents. Because we have been working with a growing number of same-sex patients in the Orlando community, we feel like we understand their unique needs and work very hard to make them.”   

Kim had frozen her eggs a few years back with Dr. Cabrera, resulting in five frozen embryos, and once they bought their home, they knew they were ready for an addition to their family and began IVF treatment. It helped that Kim’s employer, Southwest Airlines, has generous fertility coverage. 

And at Brown Fertility, they were grateful for the flexibility to be known as “parents,” rather than the more formal mother/father” birth paperwork other places offered as the only choice. This way, on Brooklyn’s birth certificate they are both named as parents, which was important to them – and made them feel seen and understood. “I would name our children after the office and the doctor,” said Barbara. “We loved them so much! I try to tell everyone I can about Brown Fertility.” 

And Dr. Cabrera helped them find the right sperm bank, also LGBTQ friendly, in Seattle. After a six-month search, they selected a donor who fit their requirements and is an engineer, just like Barbara. With the transfer happening later in June, they hope to have the first set of boys on the way to creating a “basketball team of frozen embryos,” as they like to joke.  

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