One Stop Shop for Expecting & New Mother and Father Veterans

Jul 10, 2021 at 03:34 pm by pj

Why not have Perinatal resources under one roof? The Orlando VA Healthcare System (OVAHCS) is proud to announce the latest program developed for soon-to-be mother and father Veterans and recent postpartum Veteran parents.


Perinatal Reproductive Education Planning and Resources (PREPARE) offers tips, exercises, and insight on how to best prepare for your little one on the way through virtual and in-person specialty perinatal services.


Every parent has unique needs. PREPARE offers a wide array of support for Perinatal Veterans as they take on their new journey. Groups include Motherhood & Mood: Pregnancy & Postpartum, Lactation Counseling, Helping to Endure Infant Loss, Yoga and so much more.


Melissa Tran (pictured), Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & PREPARE Lead, who too is also an expected mother-to-be knew there could be more done to help Perinatal Veterans. She says, “I knew I couldn’t be the only one who felt lost navigating my pregnancy and postpartum period, so it became part of my mission to make sure that perinatal services, education, and support are readily available to all across our healthcare system. A collective team of professionals and I share the heart for helping perinatal families feel seen and supported during such a precious and vulnerable time. We are here for you.”


With already 100+ consults in the books, the OVAHCS is only getting started and is working to expand the program to best care for those interested.


For more information, please contact the Orlando VA Healthcare System Public Affairs Office at (407) 631-4436, or via e-mail at

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