Disrupting Diagnostic Healthcare

Aug 15, 2021 at 12:44 am by pj


There’s a revolution taking place all around us. We see it in organizations that are transforming to keep up with the changing needs and demands of their customers. We see whole industries being disrupted with the creation of companies like UBER and Lyft for ridesharing, Progressive for new technology in the insurance space, Grubhub for online and mobile food ordering and Facebook, whose mission is “to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.” Nowhere is disruption more needed than in the Healthcare space.

The quality of care is suffering as many healthcare organizations are dealing with antiquated systems that aren’t connected and don’t communicate across providers, payors, hospitals, physicians, and patients. Many healthcare providers don’t have access to the patient’s full healthcare history, which means time and energy spent chasing information instead of providing patient care. The time is now to seize the opportunity to create a socially responsible healthcare community where patients have access to their diagnostic images and reports and no longer have to go to multiple sources to get their information to share with their healthcare providers and allows them to advocate for their own care.

A system where physicians have instant access to patient images, reports, and history data and can focus on patient care. A place that provides real-time integration, complete automation, and cost reductions for imaging providers so they can focus on what they do best, which is generating the best images to help physicians make better diagnoses. A system that simplifies administration and compliance for Payors while reducing costs.

MIMIC was founded out of the frustration of having to keep up with the images, files, and records required to advocate for my own healthcare. Our board of physicians, patients, technologists and radiologists have successfully engineered a solution that are we proud to launch nationally.


My story

I encountered an unexpected and significant health issue that required me to meet with multiple doctors as I worked to determine the best approach for my care. This included sharing images and reports with various doctors and providing multiple copies of my images and reports.  The time and energy this took was enormous and extremely frustrating. I just wanted to focus on my health and get through my recovery.  I observed similar situations with other family members and friends and knew there had to be a better way.

My story isn’t surprising, especially when you consider that it’s estimated that a large percentage of small to medium sized diagnostic providers don’t have the necessary equipment to orderly store patient images, records and data.  Patients typically end up walking out the door with their information stored on a CD or USB drive.  On one hand it’s good that patients have their files and can share.  The downside is this creates one more piece of information for patients to keep up with and to make sure it’s stored properly so the files aren’t impacted and can be shared with other physicians or providers in the future.

Imagine a world where patients can have real-time access to their images, records, and treatment history. Imagine going to any physician, whether it’s domestic to your home country or traveling abroad and being able to provide them with your medical images and data instantly to get the best care. Imagine having to get an MRI, CT scan, Ultrasound, or any type of image that needs to be shared with your primary care physician, as well as other physicians for a second or third opinion and being able to provide them access to your files at the moment of need. That time is now, and MIMIC is the solution.

The sole purpose of MIMIC is to provide a safe, user friendly, and secure platform to improve the flow of information, enhance, and expedite patients’ care and diagnostic treatment plans. MIMIC will ALWAYS alleviate increasing financial burdens and physical demands thereby allowing the focus to remain solely on patient healthcare. This is our continued commitment and definition of “socially responsible healthcare.”

The best part is there is no cost to the patient, no cost to the imaging provider, no cost to the physician and no cost to payors. Join us on our journey to disrupt the healthcare industry and to be the best (and only) socially responsible healthcare platform in the marketplace.


Michael A Muscato is an entrepreneur with a 35-plus year career in the technology industry and is best known for building high volume, highly scalable, reliable transaction processing solutions and putting them into commercially available companies. Today, his company is currently a major player in providing EDI operability to large claims clearinghouses nationally, as well as a leader in providing high-volume financial transaction processing solutions worldwide. Email him at mikemuscato@twistedceptors.com