Orlando Health Awarded Top Certifications for Digital Health Excellence

Oct 26, 2021 at 10:33 am by pj


Healthcare organization earns designation as ‘Most Wired’


Orlando Health has been awarded two level 8 certifications for digital health by the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME). The honors are in the acute care and ambulatory care settings. Orlando Health’s level 8 designations are a result of the organization having deployed technologies and strategies to help analyze data, achieved meaningful clinical and efficiency outcomes and introduced advanced technologies, like telehealth, to expand access to care. With the level 8 certifications, Orlando Health is designated a ‘Most Wired” organization by CHIME.

“We are pleased to have reached this level of certification for both the inpatient and outpatient settings across our system,” said Novlet Mattis, CDIO, Orlando Health. “It signals that our health information technology strategy, which is to improve both the patients’ and providers’ experience with Orlando Health by reducing care gaps and strengthening communications, is working and we are on the right track.”

CHIMES’ ‘Most Wired” survey and certification program serves as a comprehensive ‘Digital Health Check’ for healthcare organizations across the nation and reflects providers’ commitment to the digital transformation necessary to deliver today’s best patient care. Consisting of 99 questions covering seven categories, Orlando Health scored the highest level in four categories for acute care and increased its score over the previous year by 6.2 percentage points. In the ambulatory care setting, Orlando Health scored the highest level in two categories and increased its score over the previous year by four percentage points.

“Our increased scores this year reflect our team’s ongoing efforts to provide outstanding service and expertise across the enterprise. As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly complex, it is imperative that we continue to adapt and innovate our medical technologies, processes and procedures,” added Ms. Mattis.

More than 36,000 facilities were represented in the 2021 CHIME survey.

“Digital transformation in healthcare has accelerated to an unprecedented level since 2020, and the next few years will bring a wave of innovation that empowers healthcare consumers and will astound the industry,” said CHIME President and CEO Russell P. Branzell. “The Digital Health Most Wired program recognizes the outstanding digital leaders who have paved the way for this imminent revolution in healthcare. Their trailblazing commitment to rapid transformation has set an example for the entire industry in how to pursue a leadership vision with determination, brilliant planning and courage to overcome all challenges.”

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