EOCC: Happy New Year - Looking Ahead & Elevating Your Business

Jan 10, 2022 at 08:19 pm by pj



Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one” – Brad Paisley

Happy 365 Days of the New Year! Ringing in the New Year is nothing new. Babylonians started the practice about 4,000 years ago with an 11-day festival; now that is a party. Around the start of the 1900’s New Year’s Eve celebrations came to America with the first Ball drop on Time Square in 1907.

English and German folklore held that the first person you encountered in the New Year would determine the year’s destiny. Over time this tradition evolved to choosing who you wanted the years good luck to be shared with, sealing it with a kiss. Countries throughout the world have embraced their own unique traditions to usher the New Year in, including:


  • Columbia - Wearing brand new yellow underwear & running around the house with a suitcase to ensure a year filled with travel
  • Danish – The Danes jump off a chair at the stroke of midnight to literally “Leap” into a luck filled new year.
  • Spain – Eating twelve grapes at or before midnight
  • Brazil – Everyone wears white because the color signifies luck, prosperity and is meant to ward off bad spirits
  • Greece – An onion hung on the door of homes symbolizing rebirth. On New Year’s Day parents wake children by tapping them on the head with an onion.
  • Switzerland – To channel good luck, wealth, and abundance the Swiss drop a dollop of ice cream on the floor at midnight.


In addition to traditions, come superstitions thought to contribute the luck of individuals including not doing laundry on New Year’s Day to avoid washing good fortune down the drain. For me, it was a German mom that had extremely strict rules about entering the new year, which included putting EVERYTHING Christmas away and out of the house (the attic was acceptable) before December 31. Mom adopted southern traditions for our New Year meal as well. Accompanying a tasty pork roast (symbolizing prosperity) were greens for wealth, black-eyed peas (symbolizing coins for prosperity), Cornbread (symbolizing gold for extra spending money in the new year). What traditions have you developed with your family?

For businesses, 2022 is an opportunity to reflect on victories, struggles, and develop new habits for personal and professional growth. David Finkel, author of “The Freedom Formula” shared 4 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions for Business Owners in Inc.

  1. Set Boundaries on How Many Hours a Week you will work
  2. Follow the 1/50 Rule (1 percent of your day that produces 50 percent of your results)
  3. Hire a business coach or find a mentor
  4. Practice Gratitude


Korn Ferry describes 2022 as the new era of humanity identifying seven areas dominating the future of work. 

  1. Reinvention: the flipside of disruptive change.
  2. Scarcity: surviving the talent shortage
  3. Vitality: employee wellbeing takes center stage
  4. Sustainability: walk the talk for a sustainable future
  5. Individuality: employee experiences are personal
  6. Inclusivity: unleashing the power of all
  7. Accountability: trust or bust


The East Orlando Chamber is here to help too with more benefits, events, opportunities, and customer service you can count on in 2022. The calendar includes industry specific groups, meeting, opportunities to connect and build lasting relationships. We continue to offer traditional group health benefits for members, employees and their families building plans customized to meet their individual needs.

Kick off the year joining us for our January Chamber 2022 Board Installation and 2021 Volunteer Recognition Luncheon featuring James (Jamie) Holmes, author of The Last Disciple at Bonefish Grill Waterford Lakes.  In February Feast in the East is back. It is a culinary match made in heaven featuring member restaurant partners catering excellence. Great food, prizes, wine pull and more. Get your tickets today and make it a date night. Are you an East Orlando Chamber member restaurant? Sign up to be one of our featured feast beasts

For more information or to register call (407) 277-5951 or visit our website at eocc.org. The East Orlando Chamber of Commerce everywhere East of I-4.


Dorothy Hardee is the Chamber Administrator





Testimonial Tuesday on Location

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

9:00 AM – 12:30 PM

LIVE of Facebook & On Location

Tijuana Flats Avalon Park


Misters & Sisters Great Lunch Adventures

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

12:30 – 1:30 PM

Tijuana Flats Avalon Park

1024 Avalon Park N, Bldg. #108, Orlando, FL 32828


EOCC Advocacy Advisory Council

Tuesday, January 14, 2022

10:00 – 11:00 AM

Virtual Meeting

Register to participate


EOCC Real Estate Advisory Council Planning Meeting

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

9:00 – 10:00 AM

East Orlando Chamber office

12301 Lake Underhill Road, Ste. 245. Orlando, FL 32828


The Hybrid Member Academy: Roadmap to Member Success

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 

8:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Hybrid Event - East Orlando Chamber office 

12301 Lake Underhill Road, Ste. 245, Orlando, FL 32828 


 Coffee Club Nona  

(3rd Thursday of the month) 

Thursday, January 20, 2022

8:30 – 9:30 AM 

Sam’s Club Lake Nona 

11920 Narcoossee Road, Orlando, FL 32832 

FREE to EOCC Members | $10 for Non-Members 

Joint Ribbon Cutting After Hours

(Apiary Title & GreatFlorida Insurance Lake Nona 

Thursday, January 20, 2022

5:00 – 7:00 PM

Apiary Title & GreatFlorida Insurance

1380 S Narcoossee Road, St. Cloud, FL 34771


Chamber Luncheon: 2022 Board Installation & 2021 Awards Luncheon

Featuring James (Jamie) Holmes & the Honorable Judge Eric DuBois

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

11:30 AM – 1:10 PM

Bonefish Grill Waterford Lakes

12301 Lake Underhill Rd., Ste 100, Orlando, FL 32828

Registration required.


EOCC Brain Trust

Thursday, January 27, 2022

8:00 – 10:00 AM

East Orlando Chamber

12301 Lake Underhill Rd., Ste 245, Orlando, FL 32828

Member Exclusive with Limited space


Ribbon Cutting: Solvera Tech

Thursday, January 27, 2022

4:00 – 6:00 PM

University Club

150 East Central Blvd., Orlando, FL 32801


Ribbon Cutting: Creative World School UCF

Friday, January 28, 2022

3:00 – 5:00 PM

Creative World School UCF

5016 N Dean Road., Orlando, FL 32817