Central Florida’s Aviv Clinics Makes Rank Among 2021 “Top 10 MedTech Startups”

Jan 13, 2022 at 11:01 am by MGonzalez

World leader in brain and body performance, Aviv Clinics, has been named to MedTech Outlook’s 2021 “Top 10 MedTech Startups” for its groundbreaking, research-driven proprietary hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) medical treatment, charting a new course in healthy aging. The national accolade annually recognizes the most innovative and transformative medical advancements shaping the future of healthcare.

The three-month Aviv Medical Program is an individualized regiment that combines HBOT sessions, cognitive and physical training, and nutritional and lifestyle coaching to leverage the body’s regenerative abilities. In-depth assessments, analytics and a full physiologic evaluation result in a comprehensive plan that is customized to each person’s health improvement goals.

“Having worked alongside the Aviv team since 2019, it’s been extraordinary to see their significant contribution and commitment – both globally and locally – to learning in the area of brain health and serving the needs of older adults,” says Carla VandeWeerd, Ph.D., Director of the University of Florida’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute Research Program. “From publishing scientific medical research, to hosting physician-led educational seminars for the community, the team at Aviv Clinics is dedicated to helping people live a fulfilling and healthy life, at any age.”

The award honors accomplished companies within the last year that are most suited for the current market requirements and specific needs of healthcare providers. Based on peer nominations and further recognized by the MedTech Outlook advisory panel, the multi-layer selection process is defined by market analysis, industry news, current trends and potential buyers. Previous recipients include BOA Biomedical, Inc; eGenesis; Abilitech Medical; Biologica Technologies, and; NeuroDiagnostics. Additional information regarding the Top 10 MedTech Startups of 2021 can be found on MedTech Outlooks website.

To learn more about Aviv Clinics, please call (352) 488-2848 or visit https://aviv-clinics.com/.

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