Seven Key Advantages of a Proven SEO Strategy

Jan 16, 2022 at 12:01 pm by pj

In it for long-term exposure


By SCOTT RICHARDS, Faceless Marketing

This month we provide you with 7 key advantages of having an SEO strategy in place and while there are others, these are very important points to consider. SEO has proven very effective to businesses looking to increase their online visibility and sales. An often, over-looked benefit of having professional SEO service is that it helps to make your websites favorable, to both site visitors and search engines alike.

A good SEO service provider offers a client-focused and cost-effective search engine optimization service, together with several Internet marketing solutions including viral marketing, social media marketing, web development and many more. A good SEO agency understands that despite there being thousands of websites on the internet, each one is personal and unique. Use these tactics below to increase your page rank and strength for your website. These will work and provide results if they have not been completed already.


 1Displace Your Competition- Be First to Be Seen, Be the One That Makes the  Sale.

The old children’s story, The Tortoise and The Hare, is a perfect analogy to describe the lifespan benefits of SEO compared to PPC (Pay Per Click). PPC, the Hare, will always be the first to move up the rankings and the first to generate ROI, but rarely continues to. While SEO, or in this case the Tortoise, gradually increases to the top and will generate 4x-10x more income than PPC in the long term. A properly designed and optimized site that utilizes a SEO strategy diligently and regularly will always generate higher revenues than PPC. PPC is today’s version of Newspaper Ads, costs a fortune and only works a little.


 2. Be Found Where They Are Searching- Don’t Place Your Billboard in the Desert

“If you build it, they will come.” Having a great website is the first step to online marketing, but isn’t the most important. A great website doesn’t guarantee that you will receive visitors, but SEO does. A website without SEO, is like placing your billboard in the desert; no one will see it. If your website is ranking high for popular terms, you will receive site visitors. Traffic is the middle-man between brand awareness and sales. Once consumers become aware of your brand you will receive more visitors to your website and the more visitors you receive, the higher the chances you will make a sale.


 3. Opt-In Promotion- Reach Your Customers 24/7 Without Being Intrusive

 As globalization continues to increase and time zones begin to fade; it’s very important for your business to become ’24/7.’ Online marketing in comparison to traditional marketing mediums, such as print newspaper, is non-intrusive, noninterrupt or as we call it in the business “Opt-In.” A customer can research all about your company, products, clients etc. in their own time, without having to fit it into 9-5pm day. This allows you to capture their attention when they are MOST attentive, during their free research time. A SEO strategy is like having your own marketing and promotions company working exclusively for you. One that works, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. 24/7 global exposure for your website, means your company can reach people in areas that traditional marketing cannot.


 4. Faster Load times - Don’t Keep Your Customers Waiting in Line

 An online survey, conducted by the Consumer Reports Research Center, asked 1,264 women what they find most stressful when shopping; 33 percent said checkout lines. I have an online business why should I be concerned? You should be concerned because loading times is the online equivalent of checkout lines. Faster loading pages are very essential to a positive user experience. I recently read Website Optimization, by Andy B King, and was surprised by some of the statistics in it. It shows how there is a clear correlation between page load times and conversion rates (Sale Rate).

Google’s and Amazon’s statistics show that an increase in load time has a direct and drastic impact on user engagement. Properly validated and optimized files will be smaller and leaner, meaning less sever requests, overheads and quicker download times.


 5. Content-Separate Yourself from Your Competitors

It’s important to be the black sheep; at least in the world of SEO. Search Engines, such as Google and Bing, look for unique content when indexing pages. The general advice these days is to create subject-specific content on your website; and to categorize and label that content in a way that will deliver a boost to your keyword strategy. Blogs, such as WordPress, are an excellent way to go about this.

If you invest in unique content, you’re building a valuable intellectual property asset that will benefit other areas of the business as well as improve your search rankings. A professional SEO company will know how to create unique content, which is properly designed for readers and google.


 6. Brand Awareness-Be Seen, Be Noticed, Be Remembered

Google “Glass Doors,” how many results do you get? Out of those results, how many names do you actually remember? I got over 153,000,000 results and I remember two; great odds... no? An effective SEO strategy will bring your website to the top. Sometimes that doesn’t result in an immediate sale, but will gain you more revenue in the long run. SEO increases your brand awareness and its memorability. The truth is most people don’t know what SEO is or even that it exists; they will assume the reason you come up on top of Google’s search results is because you provide a good service and offer the answer to their search query.


 7. Increase Revenue: ROI-Earn While You Save

At the end of the day, marketing’s main objective is to gain more sales. SEO is an extremely effective tool for online marketing. In addition, search engine optimization is low cost compared to other forms of marketing and is arguably one of the most effective apparent by its High ROI. A monthly fee to a SEO agency will be much cheaper than buying traffic through PPC. Also, SEO costs tend to lower with time.

As search engine optimization drives more traffic to the site, you will receive more sales and if you aren’t receiving these sales, then it is a huge indicator that there are issues within your website. ROI can be measured by analyzing statistical data from search engines: know the amount of traffic your website receives, what keywords consumers are using to find your website, which pages on your website they are visiting, plus much more.

These are some hidden benefits of having the proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan in place for your brand & business. Make sure these strategies are built in your plan and site and you will see the results on an organic level. Having the strong page rank and strength online is like getting published with findings in your field or making the right discoveries. It marks you as an expert in the field, and that’s what SEO can do for your site. Have its trust authority on a high level so search engines see your site as an expert in that field.

After all we have been through the past 2 years, let’s all do what we can to have a strong year with our practices and businesses. Happy New Year to everyone.


Scott Richards is CEO at Faceless Marketing, a Full Service Marketing Firm Providing Complete Marketing Plans/Campaigns and: Graphic Design, Printing, Direct Mail, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, Multimedia and everything that a business needs to assist in creating success. Offices in Orlando, Miami & Denver. Contact him at or visit  www.Faceless.Marketing


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