Local Physician Organization Encourages Vaccination and Reflection Given the Suspension of the Orange County Health Director

Jan 25, 2022 at 01:03 pm by pj

ORLANDO – The Physicians Society of Central Florida (PSCF) is calling upon public officials and the community at large to continue to encourage vaccination as the best defense for preventing severe illness and death from the COVID-19 virus.  Furthermore, the organization urges reflection and deliberation on the potential perils of limiting the communication of scientifically supported medical advice by physicians given the suspension of the Orange County Health Director, only as it pertains to his encouragement of the Department of Health employees to receive COVID-19 vaccination.

The PSCF reminds the community that vaccination against COVID-19 remains the most effective tool available for preventing severe illness and death from infection by the virus.   Clinicians across our community have seen the toll of the virus on those unvaccinated given the vast majority of patients that are hospitalized and in our intensive care units are those that are not fully vaccinated. 

Furthermore, the organization strongly supports the independence of clinicians to offer sound medical advice based on current scientific literature without fear of repercussions.  

While we are certain the pandemic will end and our community will manage the lingering impacts of a COVID-19 endemic, future generations will be harmed greatly if physicians do not have the freedom to educate and counsel their patients and the public on the most effective, evidence-based ways to prevent disease and promote health.

While we cannot comment on the specifics surrounding the ongoing investigation, we encourage the state to act swiftly to resolve the situation so the Health Department can continue their work in preparing and caring for our community.  


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