EOCC: Ransomware Attacks-It CAN Happen to You

Jun 08, 2022 at 11:15 am by pj


Dorothy Hardee, Chamber Administrator 


“Ransomware is unique among cybercrime because in order for the attack to be successful, it requires the victim to become a willing accomplice after the fact” – James Scott, Senior Fellow, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology


In January, a Florida panhandle hospital system escaped a crisis-level hack by shutting down their entire records system causing hospital staff including nurses and doctors to resort to pen and paper for days.

Kronos Workforce Central announced they finally restored their system after an attack left them unable to keep track of timekeeping for clients’ employers allowing them to properly pay their employees.

In February, the San Francisco 49ers confirmed they were a victim of ransomware, discovering the company listed on the dark web leak site. Hackers used BlackByte, a ransomware-as-a-service software stealing company financial data. That same month Nvidia, the world’s largest semiconductor chip company confirmed the hack by Lapsus$, a self-proclaimed, non-politically affiliated group, stealing employee credentials and proprietary information.

One month later Lapsus$ struck again hitting mega-corporation Microsoft, stealing 37GB of Microsoft’s source code from its Azure DevOps server, releasing it on the dark web. What does the rest of the year hold for cybercriminals and the chaos they are causing? Experts in the field expect it to ramp up.

Nick Rossman, global threat lead for IBM-X-Force expects to see more and more “triple extortion ransomware.”  A ransom attack on one business can become an extortion threat for its business partner. You can only imagine the problems that would arise if your system were held hostage, but also if one of your suppliers is affected as a result. Now the attacker comes to you knowing you cannot afford disruption in the supply chain. Taking this one step further, imagine your partner(s) was targeted because your systems were not protected against a breach?

Do not think it is just computers that are hit. Printers and copiers are overlooked but can be equally vulnerable whether a corporate machine or a home copier for individual use.

Edward Segal, senior contributor to Forbes predicts the ride to get even bumpier as cybercriminals hone their craft. In his article “8 Crystal Ball Predictions About Cyberattacks in 2022” he identifies the following possible scenarios:

  • The supply chain of a major vaccine manufacturer to be halted by ransomware
  • Extortion of Olympic athletes during the Beijing Olympics by following email exchanges
  • Cyberthreats are expected to evolve elevating fears
  • The weaponization of malware to dynamically change code taking advantage of existing vulnerabilities
  • More triple extortion ransomware forcing businesses to scrutinize and audit their supply chain’s access to their data, security, and policy controls
  • The impersonation of C-level executives making socially engineered frauds more believable
  • Exploitation of remote servers and services brute forcing them due to their “inefficient hardening practices”
  • Nation-State attacks crippling an already stressed supply chain, significantly affecting the economy

Last month Verizon’s annual security breach reported ransomware continues to be a fast-growing threat with the “human element” playing a significant role in 82 percent of security breaches. According to the U.S. carrier’s 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report, ransomware outbreaks increased 13 percent year-over-year, seeing the biggest jump in five years. Rick Holland, CISO and VP of strategy at Digital Shadows told The Register that “stolen credentials, phishing, and vulnerabilities” are the top ways in which threat actors gain access to organizations.  Despite spending billions of dollars defending the environment, problems persist. John Gunn, CEO of Token, an authentication specialist, echoes the reason for more than 80 percent of breaches is the human element. He recommends implementing “more authentication and going passwordless. Biometric and wearable authentication is more secure, convenient” and “mitigates massive cybersecurity vulnerability” almost instantly.

Lisa Sotto, partner and head of global privacy and cybersecurity at Hunton Andrews Kurth said, “Every company, regardless of industry sector, will need to be laser-focused on strengthening their security measures.” 

According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, there is an increase in ransomware and small business is an increasing target, especially since small businesses may serve as their own IT specialists. The latest information showed that there was a 20 percent increase of incidents between 2019 and 2020, while the financial demands per incident increased by 225 percent. Gary Brickhouse, CISO with GuidePoint Security suggests that small business needs to “understand what the attack is, contain it and make sure it doesn’t get worse and how to restore” your business.   And what about the people behind the crime?

Jack Rysider (Darknet Diaries) shares an episode exploring one cybercriminal who took social engineering and ransomware to a whole new level starting his path into the dark side of technology at only seventeen.

On June 10th from 9:00 – 10:00 AM, Avani Desai, CEO of Schellman will lead a discussion with experts in the field exploring Ransomware: The New Weapon in Cyber, presented by the East Orlando Chamber and hosted by Full Sail University.  Among the panelist are Angela Polania, Principal at Elevate a premier consulting firm specializing in Cyber Security, IT Compliance and Privacy;  Chet Naran, Director of IT at The Villages Health System, LLC. and Daniel Poloche, VP of IT and Security at Stax.  Digital technology is growing rapidly, and ransomware gangs and their methods are advancing at an aggressive rate. The loss for innocent people is more than $49 million. Regardless of your industry or the size of your business, there is no one immune to an attack. Register today at eocc.org. This program is open to all and a budget friendly $10 per person.

For more information or to register for events call (407) 277-5951 or visit our website at eocc.org. The East Orlando Chamber of Commerce everywhere East of I-4.




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