How to Become the Leading Medical or Dental Practice Using Google Business Profile

Jul 07, 2022 at 03:03 pm by pj



One of the main reasons a physician or dental professional would like to become the best choice in town is because they know that by achieving this position, it will help them gain more patients every single day.


You may be wondering how to achieve this, in the easiest possible way without having to break the bank.


The short answer is: Dominating your Google Business profile. The best news is that Google Business Profile is FREE, but most doctors are not leveraging it.


First, what is Google Business Profile?


In case you don’t know I'll explain what it is and share with you four simple tips to create a Google Business Profile for your practice to attract new patients.


The truth is that Google is the #1 search engine online, with over 5.6 Billion searches per day.


Thousands of people in your area are searching for a physician or dentist in a specific specialty.  


When you search on Google, the first thing they will show you are the Ads. They receive xx% of clicks.


Then they show you the “3 Pack”/Google My Business results. Those receive xx% of the clicks.


Then under that, they will share the rest. The organic results from investing money for SEO rankings below Google Business Profiles. Those receive xx% of the clicks.

Google Business Profile equals the best and cheapest opportunity for any practice to get ranked without having to spend money on ads. That’s the spot that receives the most qualified traffic on the entire Internet.


Latest online reviews say 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations Those stars say everything. If you have 5-stars you are trusted. If you have 4 stars maybe, but if you have 3 or less your practice is in big trouble.


These days, patients are more informed than ever before. When they're looking for a new medical or dental practice, they're not just looking for a good location and reasonable pricing. They want to know that they're going to get the best possible care from the most qualified practitioners.


By prominently featuring your practice's Google Business Profile, you can show potential patients that you're the leader in your field. Patients are also increasingly interested in specialty procedures, so be sure to highlight these services on your profile as well.


Patients want to know that they can trust you with their health, and a strong Google Business Profile will help you build that trust.


I am convinced that Google Business Profile is definitely the #1 place online where you must pay attention to help become the practice leader in your local area and attract more patients.


The question is… Is your practice ranking in that spot?


If not, here are four valuable tips, to begin getting ranked there.  


#1 Make sure that you are the admin of your Google Business Profile. Once Google finds your practice on their radar, they will create the page for you. You want to make sure that you verify the ownership, so you can modify it. When you modify and optimize your page you are, basically building a mini-website that is even more effective than your regular website.


#2 Once you have access, fill out all the information required. This way you will fill the “algorithm” so the robots that read your content/message will get you found locally. Inside this information, make sure that you add the top keyword that you would like to be ranked. Just make sure to not abuse the system. Google detects more than you think.


#3 Provide the excellence service that your patients deserve, so they openly leave you a 5-star review. A few years ago, having 50-plus 5-star reviews was awesome. Today, In the healthcare industry, having less than 100 is a signal that your practice is average. Work hard to gather more 5-stars reviews than any other practice.


#4 Make sure to point patients to your website or online booking system. You want it to be easy for them to find you and make an appointment. It’s an automatic engine of daily new leads.


#5 Bonus tip! Use Google Business Profile as another social media channel. Be active posting content, pictures, videos and more. Google will favor reviews that are active with other Google Business profile functions.


I would love to share with you more ideas, but then this article would become an e-book!


Doctors are always looking for ways to improve their practice’s lead flow. With so many options available online, it might become confusing and overwhelming. Every “online expert” will recommend you do something different to resolve this. Some people will recommend that you focus on SEO, others on Pay Per Click, others on doing more posts on Social Media, others on your websites, and many other “magical solutions.”


By following these simple tips, you can create a Google Business Profile that will help you attract patients and become the leader in your market.


This profile gives you the opportunity to showcase your services, highlight your positive reviews, and provide potential patients with all the information they need to make an informed decision.


If you are already using Google Business Profile, CONGRATULATIONS. You are one of those few who found this secret weapon. If you have a marketing agency monitoring your Google Business Profile and keeping it on fire, providing new leads every day, give them a strong hug. They are on the right track, and they are up-to-date.


If you want to be the go-to healthcare practice in your area, feel free to request a full digital X-ray for your dental or medical practice. See how well you are doing with your Google Business profile reviews.


Receive a complementary full report customized for your practice that will show you any opportunities or missing pieces from your efforts online. This real time analysis will give you a visual idea of what things need to be fixed to become the top healthcare dental practice in town!



 I guarantee you’ll be amazed with all the things you can achieve: optimizing your Google Business Profile and leveraging other innovative automation tools. Schedule your free audit by clicking this linked text.


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