Health Tech 50: Annual List of Top Venture Capitalists to Put on Your Radar

Jul 12, 2022 at 04:30 pm by pj

In addition to creating new challenges related to people's health and well-being, COVID-19 has exposed the disturbing level of fragmentation across healthcare systems globally. It also revealed the lack of investment in the public health infrastructure and multiple barriers to fast-track innovation. According to industry experts, technology is becoming instrumental in shaping traditional healthcare. As a result, the venture capital's role in helping adapt and commercialize emerging technologies is more important than ever.

To ensure that the industry stays on top of the changes in the community of the most impactful VCs focused on investing in health tech, the global business events’ organizer Futurae Media has joined forces with Kilo Health, one of the leading digital health and wellness companies globally. Together, the companies have launched the most relevant, complete, and insightful list of digital health venture capitalists across the world.

Compared to similar lists, Health Tech 50 stands out due to its stringent assessment criteria. It doesn't boil down to just basic VC measures of success, such as pure financials. The list considers both direct and indirect metrics, including the founder's score, the number of investments that contribute to revolutionizing healthcare, and many more. It also involves the global health tech community and asks to nominate or vote for their favorite investors. The community vote will contribute 10% of the final investor ranking score.

On October 4-5, the team will host one of the largest global health tech industry events – the Health Tech Forward 2022 conference in Warsaw, Poland. The goal is to bring industry innovators and health tech investors together. During the two days filled with topical keynotes and panel discussions, the best innovators will compete in the Health Tech Challengers competition. The leading investors that make the Health Tech 50 list will go live in September and be awarded for betting big to stay ahead of the curve.

“2021 was a turning point for the health tech market,” commented Skaiste Knyzaite, CEO at Futurae Media. “Fueled by the need to deliver digital solutions to patients amid the pandemic, global funding for health tech startups hit record levels, reaching a whopping $57.2B. At the same time, in most parts of the world, we still continue maintaining healthcare systems that are majorly reactive and inefficient. The fastest way to ignite change is to raise awareness about the traditional medical system's problems and encourage more investors to join the wave of digital transformation powered by data and technology.”

According to Skaiste, the good news is that more and more venture capital and business community leaders are coming to realize this. Health technology is gradually becoming the new frontier in venture investing, which means a new chapter in health is about to begin.

“Our goal is simple: to recognize the investors who contribute the most. We seek to identify the leaders that look beyond traditional healthcare. Hopefully, this will inspire even more investors to join the wave of digital transformation,” said Kasparas Aleknavicius, the Head of Medical Affairs at Kilo Health. “The next step that we will take during Heath Tech Forward in Poland involves connecting the investors with the most promising startups and thought leaders in the industry. I believe this will provide the most favorable ecosystem for the fulfillment of groundbreaking ideas.”

About Health Tech 50: Health Tech 50 is a platform that ranks the most forward-looking VCs allocating capital to speed up the transition beyond traditional healthcare. It aims to recognize and celebrate the most powerful accomplishments across the global health tech community and serve as a reference point for VCs, LPs and entrepreneurs across the globe. For more information, visit Follow Health Tech 50 on LinkedIn and stay tuned until the ranking goes live on September 8, 2022!

About Kilo Health: Kilo Health is one of the leading digital health and wellness companies, with 4+ million users worldwide. As of 2022, Kilo Health is recognized as the second fastest-growing company in Europe on the FT 1000, the second-fastest growing company in Central Europe on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 list, and the #1 Employer of 2021 on Meet Frank. Kilo Health was launched in 2013 with a mission to innovate digital healthcare. Fast forward to today, Kilo Health is a leading company group of over 15 innovative digital health products, 600+ colleagues, and offices across 5 European cities. For more information about Kilo Health, please visit

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