WeCare tlc Partners with Data Analytics Company to Increase Healthcare Efficiency

Jul 19, 2022 at 10:38 am by pj

WeCare tlc, TURBOARD work together to achieve a higher standard of healthcare for clients, patients


ALTAMONTE SPRINGS – WeCare tlc, a provider of onsite and near-site workplace health centers, is taking its dedication to data and analytics to a whole new level thanks to a new partnership. 
The company has signed an exclusive contract with data analytics firm TURBOARD, with the goal of increasing the quality of healthcare at its health and wellness centers across the country through data analytics. 
“Through our primary care platform, we’re bending the healthcare curve, reducing healthcare costs over time through improved health outcomes and maximizing how health plan members utilize their health plans. Being able to prove this to our clients is key, and we do this by presenting clear performance metrics now better than ever with our partnership with TURBOARD,” said Raegan Le Douaron, president and CEO of WeCare tlc. “The agreement signed between me and TURBOARD CEO Yasemin Şahin, two female executives in the healthcare IT sector, will help position our company above our competitors with the highest healthcare standards across the industry.” 
TURBOARD, founded in 2004, uses data analytics, the process of examining raw data in order to find trends and make tangible conclusions about the information it contains. TURBOARD data analytics allows users to communicate more effectively by using data gained from several points to tell stories, develop insights and create strategies that give the user a competitive advantage over others.  
“Through our partnership with TURBOARD, WeCare tlc can quickly generate data visualizations on any source of data we have access to, allowing us to create reports in a matter of minutes that tell a complete story for our clients. We can build infographics, dashboards, reports and more, at speeds far faster than ever before,” said Jason Hall, management information systems manager at WeCare tlc. “TURBOARD’s services will allow us to build and implement quality care management dashboards which allows us to identify patients that need some extra follow up to ensure their health goals and needs are met.”
“At TURBOARD, we signed this important exclusive partnership with WeCare tlc as part of our commitment to a better society,” said TURBOARD CEO and Co-Founder Yasemin Şahin. “Our partnership will provide us the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of healthcare practices using data-driven science, increasing patient health while reducing unnecessary and redundant practices.”
WeCare tlc chose TURBOARD to help gather data that proves the company is better than its competitors. The results obtained from thousands of data points will provide WeCare tlc with proof that its healthcare services are better than even its largest competitors. 
For more information about TURBOARD, visit https://turboard.com
For more information on WeCare tlc, visit https://wecaretlc.com
WeCare tlc is a leader in onsite and near-site advanced primary care healthcare centers for employers. The company is on a mission to change how healthcare is delivered in the United States through disrupting the typical model. Its health centers are available to individual employers or can be created through a cooperative effort of multiple companies. Healthcare services include primary care, chronic care management, laboratory testing, medication dispensing and negotiation for outpatient procedures. WeCare tlc has developed systems that streamline claims data, which is coupled with health center data to clarify how healthcare dollars are spent. The company has adopted best practices to mitigate medical risks. WeCare tlc has saved clients more than $420 million in claim costs, reduced health heath care costs by 20 percent and reduced urgent care visits by 50 percent. The company was founded in 2005 in Lake Mary, Fla. and now has more than 200 employees nationwide. For more information, visit https://www.wecaretlc.com or call us at 1-800-941-0644.
TURBOARD is an innovative Business Intelligence and Data Analytics company, with a focus on increasing productivity, performance, and profitability through its seamless integration, interconnectivity and real-time data analytics. TURBOARD’s products are both for Data Professionals and Managers. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, TURBOARD transforms and disrupts data monetization in the fastest, and most accessible platform regardless of the high number of users.
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