Take Charge of Your Digital Message

Apr 11, 2016 at 12:27 pm by Staff

In an always changing digital world it can be hard to keep up with technology. The devices of today will be the paperweights of tomorrow. Do you remember the Motorola StarTAC or the Nokia 5110? How about the IBM 5150 PC? These devices had enormous impact on the technology we use today, much like the iPhone and cloud computing will have an impact on the technology of tomorrow.

You may or may not realize how much these changes also impact how Orlando Medical News delivers you content. Advancement continues in the tools we use to populate our website to the ad units our partners use to bring you the best experience possible. In the past several months, we have made enormous leaps and bounds with how we bring you content. You have probably noticed www.OrlandoMedicalNews.com received an overhaul this past fall. Our new site format works seamlessly across all devices' platforms. Your experience on www.OrlandoMedicalNews.com will be similar whether on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. Other advances in how we deliver ad units on our website also improve on the effectiveness of your hard earned advertising dollars. All ad units on www.OrlandoMedicalNews.com are only served when "in-view." That means when your ad impression is served, it is actually on the users screen and not below the fold and out of the users viewable screen area.

Other buzz words you have probably heard thrown around are "Content Marketing." What is content marketing? That can be a pretty difficult question to answer. Content Marketing can be a number of items from video and advertorial to whitepapers and blogs. Content Marketing is basically any piece of content used to deliver a marketing message to an intended audience.

Here at Orlando Medical News we can aid in the development and execution of your Content Marketing strategy. Do you have a whitepaper that needs help being discovered? How about a blogger that needs to be heard? Have you ever wanted to produce a product video but didn't know where to begin? Do you have expert driven content but your own website doesn't do it justice? Do you have a story to tell but simply don't have the outlet? Orlando Medical News can help you craft the ultimate Content Marketing experience for your prospective audience. Work with your Medical News associate to build your next Content Marketing masterpiece. Leverage the Medical News audience to generate leads from your whitepaper or even content focused video. Tell your story in a big way and use our microsite technology; Brevity. Brevity will position you as a market leader. Brevity brings your content to life and makes it exciting for your audience to consume. Brevity also generates actionable leads based on how users are consuming your content.

Technology is advancing every day. Orlando Medical News brings you the latest media technology to enhance and maximize your content marketing efforts. Ask your Orlando Medical News associate about Brevity and other Content Marketing opportunities and bring your next piece to life!

Joel Franke is the Director of Digital Business Development for the Southcomm Public Safety Group. He is responsible for the growth of digital business through product development, sales strategy, sales training and market positioning of our digital products. Previous positions in the organization include: Inside Sales Representative, National Sales Representative, National Sales Manager and Publisher. Joel has a degree in marketing, is a Wisconsin Collegiate DECA Alumni and is the former president of the Professional Development Council of Wisconsin. For more information on our digital services contact John Kelly at JKelly@OrlandoMedicalNews.com