Dr. Erica Stockwell first in Central Florida to use Anovo Surgical System in gynecologic procedure

Oct 15, 2022 at 02:53 pm by pj


AdventHealth Celebration recently made history by being the first in the hospital system to do a robotic gynecologic procedure on the new Anovo Surgical System. AdventHealth Celebration’s gynecological surgeon, Dr. Erica Stockwell, and the Celebration gynecological surgery team performed this new procedure in August. 

The robot is the first and only FDA-authorized surgical robot that features miniature humanoid-shaped arms, with shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints that mimic a surgeon’s precise movements for high agility and dexterity. The first application of this advanced technology is for use in robotic assisted transvaginal benign gynecological procedures including benign hysterectomy.

The robotic instruments, or arms, mimic the movement of human anatomy and extend a surgeon’s reach, visibility and control so they can reach challenging anatomical positions that are unfeasible with existing robotic technology. The small footprint and highly compatible platform allow the technology to be used in any surgical setting.

Unlike other procedures or technologies, the Anovo System can perform gynecological procedures using the clinically preferred transvaginal approach. In essence, leaving no scars.  Research shows that the transvaginal approach, provides a safer, less invasive and more cost-effective option for gynecological procedures and offers benefits including faster recovery, less patient pain, reduced infection rates, less need for pain medications, and virtually no visible scarring compared to other approaches.


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