Abbott Issues Recall of Some Ready to Feed Formulas

Oct 20, 2022 at 07:34 pm by pj

Ocala — Abbott has issued a press release voluntarily recalling certain lots of 2-fluid-ounce/59-milliliter bottles of Ready-to-Feed (RTF) liquid formula products.

For a list of products and lot numbers included in the recall, click here or call 1-800-986-8540.

According to Abbott, “These products are being recalled because a small percentage of bottles (less than 1%) in the recalled lots have bottle caps that may not have sealed completely, which could result in spoilage.” The brands included in this recall are:


·         Similac® Pro-Total Comfort®

·         Similac® 360 Total Care®

·         Similac® 360 Total Care® Sensitive

·         Similac® Special Care® 24

·         Similac® Stage 1

·         Similac® Water (Sterilized)

·         Similac® NeoSure®


The Department has notified current WIC participants who may have been issued a recalled product to provide them with alternative options.

In addition to these formula products, the following product has also been recalled:

 ·         Pedialyte® Electrolyte Solution

 According to Abbott, this recall should not affect the overall formula supply.

Floridians who use these products should visit Abbott’s website to view a list of affected products or use the lot number checker online. It is important to verify the lot number on the bottom or the side of the bottle, as not all products are included in the recall.

If your product is included in the recall, immediately discontinue use of the product and contact Abbott customer service at 1-800-986-8540 for further instructions.

For all feeding-related questions or concerns about your child’s health, contact your health care professional or contact DOH-Marion at 352-629-0137.

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