Understanding Personality Styles is Essential for Communication Within Your Practice

Jun 06, 2016 at 01:00 pm by Staff

Understanding that there are four distinct and unique personality styles will allow you to improve communication with both your patients and employees. It is proven that when people feel understood, they are more motivated to take action, whether that be to continue as your customer or become a more productive employee.

So what are the four personality styles (DiSC) and how can I work better with them?

  • "D" styles can be described as dominant people who enjoy a challenge. They want to call the shots and not the type to take a back seat to others. D's are efficient, competent and result oriented. They will partake in small talk but to a small degree. When working with D's, get to the point quickly and stick to facts not feelings. If a decision has not been made yet or a process has been stalled, explain why so they do not think you or your office team is incompetent. Change does not intimidate or worry D's.

You can identify a D due to their direct approach. They are extroverts by nature (aka: better talkers than listeners).

  • "I" styles are influential, social butterflies with a ton of enthusiasm and work very well with others. When working with an I, remember that they thrive on personal recognition, so be generous with sincere praise. Also, do your best to take time to get excited with them before rushing into task or process mode. Change does not intimidate or worry i's, just be sure to be enthusiastic when explaining it.

You can identify an i due to their friendly approach. They are extroverts by nature (aka: better talkers than listeners).

  • "S" styles are steady, stable and supportive and therefore work well with others. They are very relationship oriented and desire warm and sincere relationships. They also do not want to upset anyone. When working with an S, be sure they do not get taken advantage of as they tend to not say "no" to others. For customers, make sure they understand what they are purchasing and give them an out or another option. Overselling them now will lose a return visit. Change intimidates and worries S styles as they desire stability. If there is a change in office or insurance process, explain why and be patient helping them through the change as they will come around.

You can identify a S due to their friendly approach. They are introverts by nature (aka: better listeners than talkers).

  • "C" styles exemplify consciousness and enjoy a challenge. C's are very task and schedule oriented and are great risk managers. Unlike the I style, C's take much longer to develop friendships so do not take offense to this as they are focused on the task at hand. When working with a C style, remember that their focus is accuracy, therefore they require a lot of data to make a decision or to accept an office procedural change.

You can identify a C due to their direct approach. They are introverts by nature (aka: better listeners than talkers).

Leading a business requires understanding of different personality styles and the common communication mishaps that often exist between them. Morphing your communication style towards each personality will take some time to adjust to however employee and customer retention is a huge return on investment. Change begins with you!

Wendy Sellers is the Managing Partner of BlackRain Partners, a business consulting firm focusing on organization's people, processes and profit. Wendy holds both SHRM-SCP and SPHR certifications in the HR Industry as well as a Masters in Health Care Administration and Masters in Human Resources.

BlackRain Partners LLC. has coached hundreds of professionals of companies to become more effective leaders by improving productivity of their people, increasing retention of both employees and clients and positively affecting the bottom line. She can be reached at w.sellers@blackrainpartners.com