New Research From China Suggests French Fries May Link To Depression

Apr 24, 2023 at 04:00 pm by Alex

New Research From China Suggests French Fries May Link To Depression

New research from China suggests French fries may link to depression. Although french fries are popular comfort food for tons of people, regular ingesting of fried foods, specifically fried potatoes, may harmfully impact mental health. The study by the research team found that people who regularly eat fried foods faced a 12% higher risk of anxiety and a 7% higher risk of depression compared to those who do not eat these types of foods. The connection was more pronounced among younger men and consumers.

Fried foods are known hazards for multiple health issues such as obesity and high blood pressure, which makes this new evidence even more concerning. This study, published in the journal PNAS, suggests that lowering fried food consumption could hold significance in encouraging better mental health. Nevertheless, nutrition professionals advise care, as the results are introductory, and it remains uncertain whether fried foods directly lead to mental health problems or if people experiencing anxiety or depression are turning to these comfort foods as a coping mechanism.

Another Study Found....

Another study about ultra-processed foods suggests that increased ingestion was linked with a rise in cancer risk and mortality, particularly for ovarian cancer. In the study, utilizing 140,728 participants over 11.3 years, those who consumed fried food on a regular basis experienced 8,294 cases of anxiety and 12,735 cases of depression after excluding participants diagnosed with depression within the first two years. Particularly, fried potatoes were associated with a 2% increase in depression risk compared to fried white meat.

Dr. David Katz, a lifestyle medicine specialist who is not associated with the study, emphasized that the higher intake of fried food may indeed elevate the risk of anxiety and depression, but he also shared that the causal pathway could work in the opposite direction. People with anxiety or depression might turn to fried foods as a way of finding relief. People experiencing underlying symptoms of anxiety and depression could possibly self-medicate through the consumption of these foods.

While the research offers insight into the potential relationship between fried foods and mental health, further investigations are required to establish a definite connection. The possibilities of these findings underline the vitality of a balanced and nutritious diet to encourage overall well-being.