Take Your Practice to the Next Level with Video Marketing

Jul 12, 2016 at 02:08 pm by Staff

Searching for the right physician can be extremely daunting. As with any other product or service in the current market, people are digging in and doing their research before they "buy." Recent studies show that the majority of people are visiting review sites like Healthgrades and Vitals before choosing a doctor. You're most likely competing with countless professionals who have the same qualifications, locations, years of experience, hospital affiliations, etc. So what's going to make you stand out?

We all know a stellar resume doesn't always equal the perfect fit. It's safe to say people value friendliness and compatibility as much as anything else when it comes to choosing a physician. They want to know what kind of environment they'd be walking into and how their doctor and staff members will treat them.

That's why more and more medical professionals are turning to video production. Not only does it serve as a great marketing tool for new patient acquisition, but it can also be used to educate your patients, make them feel more comfortable in your waiting area, increase your website's search engine optimization (SEO), and more.

Through video you can illustrate your personality, medical background, office values, procedure details, industry updates, and anything else you can imagine. Help your current and prospective patients understand your specialties and reduce the anxiety of finding a truly reliable physician by utilizing video production in the following ways:

Website Videos

The opportunities for video on your website are endless. They help to engage your audience and encourage them to stay on your site longer, click around more, and return to your site later on. All of this shows Google that you provide a strong user experience, which helps your organic ranking. So make sure your videos are embedded on your website, but also be sure to upload them to YouTube with content-rich descriptions - this will further index your name in Google's search engine, since YouTube is owned by Google.

Here are a few topics to consider when creating videos for your website:

  • Introduce yourself and provide a brief biography showcasing your personality. This can help patients feel like they've already met you before even stepping foot into your office.
  • Describe your specialties and credentials in detail and in layman's term. They may be easier to explain vocally, rather than in writing.
  • Provide an office tour and present your team members and your location in a warm and welcoming way.
  • Answer FAQs or explain special procedures. This will allow patients to feel like you're talking to them one-on-one in a comfortable environment.
  • Make your website an educational tool for users. Create videos people will want to share by providing explanations of industry updates and hot topics.

Lobby Loops

Sitting in a waiting room can be unpleasant, nerve-wracking, awkward, or simply boring. Having an ongoing video loop in your waiting area can calm your patients' nerves, give them something to focus on and educate them. Just remember, the only way you're going to compete with their cell phones is by having a compelling message on a large screen format. Use this opportunity to introduce yourself and your staff, share patient testimonials, talk about new procedures or medications, or engage them with FAQs or trivia. There are so many opportunities here. Take hold of your captive audience while you can.

Social Media Videos

By now we all know how important social media is. It provides us with a widespread online presence and allows us to engage with our audience on a regular basis.

That being said, short videos are becoming increasingly popular on social media. They're more interactive and eye-catching than words or pictures. Utilize them for quick how-to's, creative messaging, special announcements, and more. Integrate your professionally-made videos and experiment with creating a few of your own from your smart phone device. Pop in a fun or informative video on Facebook or Twitter every now and then and see how your audience responds.

Also, don't forget to share links to your embedded website videos on each social media platform as well. This provides people with an easy way to share them with their friends and help increase your SEO.

Television Commercials

Television advertising is often misconceived as being too expensive or involved. However, with the right resources and strategic media placements, it can be extremely cost-effective. It creates a need for people who aren't actively looking for a service or product and serves as another outlet to showcase your personality and build your brand.

If you do decide to make a commercial, it's highly important that your video production is done well. Be sure to hire an experienced team who can provide you with a full service experience from start to finish. Look for a creative group that can lead you in pre-production scripting and creative brainstorming, direct you through your performance on camera during production, and offer complete editing and post-production services. You're branding yourself in front of thousands of viewers, so be sure to hire a company with quality audio, lighting and camera equipment.

Video is so versatile now; you can implement your television commercials directly to your website, social media pages, digital display marketing, email blasts, and more. Find a skilled production agency that can handle all of these features for you, and consider it an investment into your practice.

Wherever you decide to utilize video production, make sure you add your personal touch and show prospective and current patients that you're a knowledgeable physician who cares, and one they can trust. Being in front of the camera may seem difficult at first, but it's worth it in the long run.

As an account executive for full-service advertising agency Maus Media Group, Mary Beth Czech has served various clients in the healthcare industry ranging from individual practitioners to hospital-level providers. She specializes in developing creative concepts and placing strategic media buys tailored to fit each of her client's needs. Reach out to Mary Beth with any questions or thoughts at mbczech@mausmediagroup.com.