Health Officials Want More People To Get HIV Tests

Dec 07, 2023 at 02:23 pm by Matt

Health officials want more people to get HIV tests. Central Florida health authorities are urging heightened awareness and HIV testing as part of a broader initiative to combat the virus's spread. Approximately 1.2 million individuals in the United States are living with HIV, with research from suggesting that around 13 percent may be unaware of their status.

Responding to these concerning statistics, healthcare providers in Central Florida are underscoring the significance of HIV tests. The virus, leading to AIDS, continues to pose a substantial public health challenge. AIDSVu data for the year 2021 discloses that Orlando recorded one of the highest HIV rates, documenting over 14,000 cases.

HIV Tests For Everyone

The data also reveals substantial disparities across various demographic groups. It indicates that the rate of HIV diagnoses among black males is about four times higher than that among white males. Similarly, black females experience an HIV diagnosis rate approximately 17 times higher than their white counterparts. Additionally, 31 percent of HIV diagnoses are observed in the Hispanic and Latinx community, with 27 percent in the white community.

Drawing from his personal experience, Andres Ardila, diagnosed with HIV at the age of 23, emphasizes the transformative impact of regular testing. Currently serving as the community director with Pineapple Health, Ardila advocates for consistent testing, especially among sexually active individuals. He underscores the importance of testing every three months and emphasizes the significance of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as a viable protective option.

Ardila asserts that PrEP is not limited to any specific demographic, dispelling the misconception that it is exclusively for gay men. He encourages sexually active heterosexual individuals to consider PrEP as an essential measure for safeguarding against HIV.

Orlando Immunology Center

The Orlando Immunology Center plays a leading role in offering comprehensive medical services. Their services encompass screenings and care for sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis, HIV, and emerging infections, catering to the sexually active population in Central Florida.

As Central Florida health authorities persist in their advocacy efforts, the essential message remains clear: regular HIV testing is a fundamental stride toward both personal health and broader community well-being.

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