A Largo Cardiologist Is The First To Remove A Heart Tumor Using A Catheter

Jan 20, 2024 at 01:00 pm by Matt

In a groundbreaking advancement in medical science, a distinguished cardiologist in Largo has reached a significant achievement by successfully eliminating a heart tumor through an inventive catheter-based method. This cutting-edge procedure took place at HCA Florida Largo Hospital, introducing a groundbreaking alternative for individuals considered high-risk candidates for traditional open-heart surgery.

Dr. Saurabh Sanon: The Cardiologist Responsible For This Magnificent Feat

Esther Whitley, an 86-year-old resident of New Tampa, underwent this groundbreaking process following knee surgery, where she experienced breathlessness and an increased heart rate. A consultation with her cardiologist uncovered a leaky mitral valve and the added complication of a heart tumor. Although repairing the valve with a catheter was feasible, the presence of the tumor ruled out conventional methods, particularly considering Whitley's age and existing pacemaker.

Consequently, Whitley was directed to HCA Florida Largo Hospital, where she became the inaugural Floridian to undergo the SEATTLE procedure. Devised in 2022, the SEATTLE procedure is an acronym for Simplified Extraction of Atrial Tumor with Targeted Loop Electricity. Dr. Saurabh Sanon, a structural interventional cardiologist at the Largo hospital, conducted the surgery, utilizing a specially crafted catheter featuring two loops and a mesh-like basket to remove the tumor safely.

An Intricate Procedure

Throughout the nearly three-hour surgery, Sanon employed intricate techniques, utilizing electrical currents to detach and cauterize the tumor from the heart wall. State-of-the-art imaging systems, encompassing live X-ray images from fluoroscopy and ultrasound imaging via a probe inserted through the esophagus, provided indispensable insights during the intricate procedure.

The SEATTLE Procedure

Whitley's heart valve is scheduled for additional repair through a second catheter intervention on Wednesday, utilizing specialized clips to address the leak. Dr. Sanon underscores that the SEATTLE procedure signifies a breakthrough in structural heart techniques, potentially revolutionizing the treatment landscape for elderly patients with previously untreated heart tumors.

Esther Whitley, a retired librarian and proud mother, eagerly anticipates the second catheter intervention with optimism, acknowledging the significance of this medical breakthrough. As the inaugural Floridian to undergo the innovative SEATTLE procedure, Whitley's experience may pave the way for improved treatment options for elderly patients confronting comparable cardiac challenges.

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