Orlando Health Unveils Expanded Level One Trauma Center

Jun 21, 2024 at 01:00 pm by Matt

On June 12, 2016, Orlando Health Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC) received 44 victims from the Pulse nightclub shooting. Remarkably, all 35 victims who arrived alive survived. Now, eight years later, Orlando Health has unveiled its newly expanded Level One Trauma Center, redesigned with input from the physicians and nurses who treated those survivors.

New Design Inspired By Pulse Survivors

“Every patient from Pulse who made it into the operating room survived. Every single one,” said Dr. Joseph Ibrahim, an Orlando Health ORMC trauma surgeon who treated the Pulse survivors. “Our Trauma Center’s preparation was a key factor. This new expansion will significantly enhance our capacity for mass casualty incidents, as well as day-to-day trauma needs in Central Florida.”

Orlando Health ORMC is home to Central Florida’s only Level One Trauma Center. Thanks to generous donors, this expansion more than doubles the Trauma Center’s size, adding significant surge space that allows the team to rapidly accommodate 10 more treatment areas during a mass casualty situation.

Advanced Technology And Innovative Design At Orlando Health

The redesign of the Trauma Center was heavily influenced by insights from the medical professionals who treated the Pulse survivors. Using virtual reality headsets, they provided crucial input on the optimal placement of advanced technology, equipment, and supplies throughout the trauma bay. This expansion is part of Orlando Health’s $25 million philanthropic effort to renovate the entire emergency department, slated for completion by early 2025.

“We are deeply grateful for our community’s generosity and their support of the trauma care we provided to the Pulse survivors and all of our patients,” said Dr. Tracy Zito, trauma surgeon and Medical Director of Orlando Health ORMC’s Trauma Center. “Our rapidly growing Central Florida population means our trauma bay often fills up with car crash and gunshot victims. This expansion helps us continue our mission of serving the community during critical times when help is needed the most.”

Orlando Health's Ongoing Commitment To Excellence

This is the first redesign of Orlando Health ORMC’s Level One Trauma Center since it was built over 30 years ago. With Central Florida’s increasing healthcare needs and the lessons learned from the Pulse tragedy, Orlando Health has enhanced its critical care capabilities. The new Trauma Center is equipped with the necessary tools and space to treat patients now and in the future. Orlando Health ORMC is prepared to handle the most severe injuries, helping patients return to their families and communities.

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