Demand a Healthcare Solution Now!

Jul 17, 2017 at 02:32 pm by Staff

The Orlando Medical News makes observations in the following bullets specific to the Affordable Care Act:

  • Physician Reimbursement determined by MACRA rewards physician Reporting Capabilities vs. Medical Excellence. This is unacceptable... The focus of American Healthcare must be "Positive Outcome Based" not "reporting based"!
  • Healthcare Insurance Premiums are increasing an average of over 25% across the country with some areas, Arizona, increasing by as much as 116% according to Obama administration estimates for 2017. Deductibles are increasing by an average of over 17%. Some American markets offer only 1 Healthcare Choice (No Choice!), others American markets offer no available Healthcare Carrier

Factor in the indisputable reality, that the Affordable Care Act is not fiscally sustainable and will dramatically increase the Federal Budget Deficit, positioning the United States of America subservient to China and other adversarial nations buying U.S. Debt.

The American people deserve better and have been underserved by both Houses of Congress for 12+ years (3 election cycles). Congressional legislation and behavior has been ineffective and in many cases self serving, corrupt and immoral. Please join the Orlando Medical News by voting every incumbent (Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent, etc) out of office, if legislation is not passed to deliver fiscally sustainable American Healthcare, that manages to positive Medical Outcomes by the close of the 2017 Legislative Calendar (December 15, 2017). Hold elected officials accountable.