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Interview with a Marijuana Patient - A Life Changed


What made you decide to make the move to Medical Marijuana?

I had a history of chronic pain, due to an auto accident, that medical doctors attempted to treat through narcotic use. I ended up spending 10 years on pain killers which left me feeling disconnected from life most of the time. Even though my pain was under control, having to rely on pills to combat it and feeling ever and ever dependent on them made me start looking for other possibilities. After a lot of research and talking to a couple of friends that were having success with medical marijuana, I decided to give it a shot and can gladly say I haven't looked back since. I've been a medical cannabis user for 8 years now since starting in Colorado, and I consider myself well versed on how to treat myself depending upon my needs at that time, like whether I am dosing for anxiety, or pain, or my mood.

How do you feel like your life has changed since becoming a patient?

I have the ability to treat myself knowing that I don't have to break the law to do it and risk criminal action, which is sad for many that have done so for years before medical marijuana became available. To also know that I'll never run out of medicine is very important, and I know that it's coming from clean, regulated companies. Being a patient also provides legitimacy to my conditions and a community of individuals that have experienced similar failures from traditional medicine. I've also made so many new friends and met so many great people since becoming a patient. I'm talking people from all walks of life. I'm on the younger side of the patient spectrum from many I've met here in Florida at the dispensaries. I'm still amazed at times, especially meeting more elder patients, at how medical marijuana changed their lives also. Many have been able to cut down on their medicines since one thing was stacked on top of another to counteract side effects of the first thing and so on. Now they're not only feeling better, but they're out and about and more active which they say has helped tremendously in their overall well-being. I know it was true for me. When I was on pain pills from my accident, I just stayed numb most of the time. After switching to medical marijuana, that numbness went away, and I found myself living my life again.

Did you have any hesitation getting your card/seeing a doctor?

No, since I've been a card holder in other states, I didn't have any hesitation at this point. A friend went with me the very first time I went to in to be evaluated by a medical marijuana doctor. It's very helpful to talk to people who know and understand what the transition is like. There are so many questions people have when looking to transition into medical marijuana. I read and read countless stories of how other people were helped by the medicine and researched as much as I could before first giving it a chance. I remember thinking how strange it was at first, being able to have something that was going to help me but had been also been considered illegal and bad for most of my life. I also remember being worried about getting high and how would I be able to function in my life and career on marijuana? All of those questions went away the more I read. Like I didn't have any idea that CBD negated the psychoactive effects of the THC without compromising the pain relief until I read about it back in my research phase. After all the reading and research, knowing that I was going to be seen by a doctor who is qualified by the state made it a process that I wasn't afraid of trying. I'm happy to say that I've never looked back since.

What would you say to others in a similar situation who are apprehensive about trying out medical marijuana?

Research and discussion are your two best friends. Find people who have been through something similar, talk to the dispensaries, stop in to a clinic, Google it. There is so much great information out there online to learn about how medical marijuana is helping people like me and others with different ailments also. NORML of Florida and Florida for Care have some great resources available to learn about the medicine. I've read a lot of great info on your website as well. Taking a leap of faith and trying something different is far better than more of the same dysfunction. The more you learn about medical marijuana, the more it makes sense as an option for treating a bunch of different conditions.

What was your experience with Marijuana Doctor, and why would you recommend it over other clinics?

I had a great experience with Marijuana Doctor and the staff there. Their staff was very knowledgeable and thorough. They made sure I understood their process, how my orders would be handled, how I could come back for any follow-ups I might need, and how it was all covered for one flat price. I experienced issues with other clinics in refilling my orders or reaching the doctors. I never experienced that with Marijuana Doctor and those things make a huge difference! The process was seamless in comparison to a couple of the other doctor groups that I went to in the beginning. Once I found Marijuana Doctor, I knew I found the right place for me to continue my care in going through the re-evaluation process.

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