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The Age of Innovation: Taking Imaging to Infinity & Beyond


By Andrew Cole

Throughout the ages, the world has undergone periods of change. The industrial revolution increased productivity and the pace at which change occurred. In the mid to late 90's we experienced the Internet age offering the world unprecedented innovation. Some may say that change has since slowed, but it continues to evolve and will offer an even brighter future as we enter the era of rapid technological advancements and adoption.

The digital revolution coupled with multiple technologies expected to emerge in the next few years will make the transformation of the past seem elementary. Entrepreneurs and companies are on the fast track to creating technologies to far surpass where we have gone to date, but we must embrace and nurture this evolution, rather than resist progress.

Without the innovators we might never have seen the development of the X-ray. The discovery came in 1895 but took another decade before being considered the standard of care for patients. Over time, more dramatic scientific and technological interventions occurred. Today, imaging technology has become so routine, the history of its evolution is all but forgotten.

How does the advancement in imaging affect us now? Medical imaging plays an important role in improving public health and is often justified to follow up on a diagnosis or treatment of disease. Improved policy in health care, as well as availability of imaging equipment has made imaged based procedures a standard of care.

If you think we are at the peak of our game in imaging, think again. According to Carestream and Everything Rad, the top diagnostic imaging trends for 2019 are Artificial Intelligence, wearable devices and more apps for mobile imaging devices. AI in radiology is not meant to replace humans, but rather enhance the science, results and streamline workflows, ultimately improving productivity.

What about wearable medical devices? There are several devices currently in use, such as those measuring EKG's, alerts for over exposure to UV rays and more. New to the scene is the MRI glove, worn next to the skin providing clear consistent images of moving joints and tendons. The benefits include clear mapping of the anatomy of the hand which helps in everything from surgery to designing a more accurate prosthesis. Researchers are encouraged that the MRI glove may become useful in diagnosis of repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome in office workers, athletes and musicians.

Another innovative device assisting patients with disorders that affect body movements, is the lightweight MEG wearable brain scanner. It is worn like a helmet; the MEG allows the patient to move naturally as brain activity is measured, offering improved imaging.

Locally, AdventHealth for Children is the home to this exciting advancement in neuroimaging. Magnetoencephalography (MEG), tracks brain activity at the millisecond time scale or better allowing doctors to pinpoint area of the brain responsible for abnormal activity in epileptic disorders. It is also aiding in the treatment of brain-tumor patents and opening new doors to research in neurodevelopmental disorders, stroke, brain trauma, brain plasticity, aging and memory.

From wearable devices to mobile apps, innovation is moving forward in leaps and bounds. Recently approved by the FDA for medical imaging, improving radiologists' access in real time is the Mobile Classroom and Diagnostic Imaging Comparisons, considered the top 5 Radiology apps for 2018. All this technology is closer than you think.

Physicians at Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center are fighting lung cancer with innovative technology to view the inside of the lungs and obtain tissue samples for biopsy. The Monarch™ Platform, manufactured by Auris Health, is the first FDA-cleared robot for diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopic procedures. Orlando Health is the first facility in Florida and among the first in the country to feature the technology. The Monarch™ Platform allows physicians to see and access parts of the lungs that were previously out of reach, speeding up diagnosis and potentially improving survival rates. It's an exciting time to be in Central Florida with innovation in imaging and technology ever improving.

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