Doctors Allege Florida HCA Healthcare Hospital As “Dangerous”

Aug 11, 2023 at 09:30 pm by Alex

Doctors Allege Florida HCA Healthcare Hospital As “Dangerous”

Doctors at Bayonet Point Hospital in Hudson, Florida, have raised serious concerns about the safety and quality of medical practice at the hospital. The facility, owned by HCA Healthcare Inc., has been accused of various issues, including unsanitary surgical instruments, inadequate monitoring of ICU patients, understaffing, anesthesiology faults, and even roaches in the operating room, according to reports.

During a meeting between hospital management and a group of surgeons on December 7, 2021, the doctors were asked about the safety of performing surgery at the hospital. Doctors responded with a unanimous "No" and then described the facility as a "dangerous" place to practice medicine.

In spite of assurances from a hospital administrator that the issues would be fixed, the situation has not improved considerably over the course of more than a year, according to the doctors.

In Response To The Allegations Of The HCA Healthcare Hospital

In response to the allegations, HCA provided a statement from Bayonet's director of communications and community engagement. The statement shared a physician survey from spring 2022, where nearly 80% of physicians rated the hospital as an "excellent or very good place to practice." The company emphasized its commitment to safety and cited recognition from third-party organizations for patient safety.

Recent photos shared by the doctors show disturbing conditions within the hospital, including cockroaches in an operating room, dangling wires, ceiling leaks in a recovery room, backed-up sinks, and oxygen equipment held together by tape. The hospital, however, broke ground on an $82 million, 102-bed medical tower in December.

The Doctors Have Reported The Decline Of The HCA Healthcare Hospital

The doctors have reported that the decline in the quality of care at Bayonet began when HCA cut staff and hired contract workers in 2021. Dr. George Giannakopoulos, a neurosurgeon and Bayonet’s former chief of staff, recalled instances of medical errors, including an incident where the wrong hip was anesthetized and prepped for surgery, and a patient waking up during brain surgery due to an anesthesiology error.

Giannakopoulos also described a tragic incident in February 2022 where a patient with a ruptured aneurysm arrived at the hospital and was scheduled for surgery the next morning. However, the patient was found comatose when it was time for the procedure, and there were no nurse notes detailing overnight monitoring. The patient later died.

In spite of criticism from Giannakopoulos, an HCA spokesperson said that the surgeon had admitted patients and performed elective surgeries at Bayonet during the current week.

HCA Healthcare Hospital’s Play Roles In Tennessee

HCA Healthcare Inc. is a significant player in the Middle of Tennessee, being the region's largest publicly traded company with 182 hospitals across 20 states and the United Kingdom, generating considerable revenue in 2022.

The accusations raised by the doctors at Bayonet Point Hospital have caused concerns about the hospital's safety practices and the quality of care provided. Meanwhile, other HCA-owned hospitals have received positive safety grades, further highlighting the need for a comprehensive assessment of the situation at Bayonet Point Hospital.

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