Orlando Health Has Successfully Struck A Deal With United Healthcare

Aug 13, 2023 at 10:15 pm by Alex


Orlando Health Has Successfully Struck A Deal With United Healthcare

Orlando Health has successfully struck a deal with United Healthcare, retaining the in-network position of around 70,000 patients. The agreement was reached right before the midnight deadline on the morning of Tuesday, August 1, 2023, which brought relief to Orlando Health patients.

Senior Vice President of Orlando Health, Michele Napier, shared her happiness with the outcome in a statement released on the morning of Tuesday, August 1, 2023. During the negotiation process, the primary focus was to make sure that patients continued to receive comprehensive, convenient, and high-quality healthcare services, regardless of whether they required inpatient or outpatient care. The commitment was to achieve a fair agreement that would benefit all patients, including those covered by commercial or individual plans, Medicare, or Medicaid.

The Negotiation

The negotiation itself was vital in preventing the potential loss of coverage for over 70,000 patients. Previous obstacles became evident due to a disagreement between the two health organizations concerning Medicare Advantage and Medicaid contracts. United Healthcare placed the blame on Orlando Health, accusing them of using vulnerable patients as leverage to demand steep price hikes for their commercial plan.

Even so, the two organizations managed to overcome their differences and reach a resolution just in the nick of time. Had the agreement not been reached, thousands of patients would have faced the loss of in-network coverage starting from the beginning of August 2023.

Negotiations Were A Success

The successful agreement between Orlando Health and United Healthcare brings much-needed relief to the 70,000 patients who can now rest assured that their medical needs will continue to be covered under the in-network status. The commitment of both organizations to reach a fair compromise, despite the challenges faced during negotiations, goes to show their commitment to providing quality healthcare services to the community. This positive outcome signifies the importance of collaboration and patient-centered decision-making in the healthcare industry, ensuring that patients' well-being remains the main topic of all discussions. With this resolution, patients can continue to rely on Orlando Health for comprehensive and convenient healthcare services, knowing that they are in good hands.

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