Stepping Stone Medical Equipment Bank: Empowering Independence For Individuals With Disabilities

Aug 23, 2023 at 11:45 pm by Alex

Stepping Stone Medical Equipment Bank: Empowering Independence For Individuals With Disabilities

The task of finding appropriate services for seniors and low-income people often involves navigating a complex web of resources and determining eligibility. Andrea Picarelli, faced this very challenge when searching for mobility equipment for her 81-year-old mother, Gloria Bosko, whose health issues put her at a higher risk of falls. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bosko suffered a worrying fall while making her bed, resulting in a painful foot and ankle fracture. Concerned for her mother's well-being, Picarelli consulted with in-home physical and occupational therapists who strongly recommended a safety transfer bench for Bosko's bath and shower. However, their Medicare coverage did not cover the cost, and their fixed income left them with limited financial ability.

Faced with very few options, Picarelli reached out to multiple resources for help, and a social worker directed her to the Stepping Stone Medical Equipment Bank, a vital part of the Seniors First program. This pivotal encounter with Wayne Gardner, the senior director of the Stepping Stone Medical Equipment Bank, proved to be a life-changing moment for the family. With a notable track record of 30 years in assisting seniors, Gardner approached the situation with unmatched enthusiasm and profound expertise in medical equipment.

Unwavering Commitment From Stepping Stone Medical Equipment Bank

Gardner's unwavering commitment to aiding seniors and disabled adults in maintaining their independence by providing them with appropriate equipment at the right time was apparent in his conversation with Picarelli. Recognizing Bosko's urgent need, Gardner acted swiftly, ensuring that the essential safety transfer bench was promptly delivered to their home.

Taken aback by Gardner's compassionate and timely assistance, Picarelli felt obligated to share her heartwarming experience with local sources and nominated Wayne Gardner for the esteemed Getting Results Award. Gardner's unwavering dedication to supplying vital equipment to those in need earned him the title of an "angel sent from heaven," according to Picarelli.

Gardner's motivation stems from his own personal experience, having witnessed his grandparents' challenges with mobility as they aged. He vividly recalled how a caring worker had taught them how to care for each other, a touching lesson that left a profound impact on him. Gardner's commitment to supporting people during their most vulnerable moments is noticeable the moment people step into the Stepping Stone Medical Equipment Bank showroom. His guiding mantra is straightforward yet powerful: "What can we do to help?"

For Picarelli And Her Mother

For Picarelli and her mother, the quick response and generous assistance from Gardner brought a tremendous sense of relief. Within less than a day, the safety transfer bench was delivered, substantially improving Bosko's daily life and minimizing possible hazards. Gardner's unwavering compassion and dedication to transforming lives resonate deeply with all those he serves.

The Stepping Stone Medical Equipment Bank is a licensed nonprofit program, they rely on the generosity of people who donate new and used medical equipment, forming the majority of their inventory. After receiving the equipment, the bank ensures thorough sanitization and refurbishment, guaranteeing that larger or specialized items are safely delivered to clients' homes. This unique initiative plays a vital role in providing refurbished and durable medical equipment to those in need across the state.

Thanks to the priceless assistance from the Stepping Stone Medical Equipment Bank and the unwavering commitment of Wayne Gardner, individuals like Gloria Bosko find themselves empowered to take steps toward independence, enabling them to remain in the comfort of their homes without financial constraints. Gardner's steadfast belief that there is always help available for those in need is a powerful reminder of the potential to make dreams of independence a reality. Families like Andrea Picarelli's find comfort and reassurance in knowing that compassionate people like Gardner are there to lend a helping hand when it is needed the most.

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